The Sweetest Moment At The Oscars Last Night

Like many people, I’ve been thinking and talking today about how Will Smith hit Chris Rock during the Oscars last night.

And one of the things I was thinking about is how it eclipsed the rest of the awards ceremony.  When my friend Mandy, who didn’t watch the Oscars, asked if anything else happened out of the ordinary, it took me a moment to remember what I thought was one of the sweetest moments of the night.

It was when Lady Gaga and Liza Minelli (who is in a wheelchair because of encephalitis) came on stage together to announce the Best Movie. 

I was moved by the trust, respect, and warmth between them. Although it could be easy to feel pity for Liza Minelli I didn’t.  I found her brave and admirable. I think that came directly from Minelli and how Lady Gaga supported and honored her.

You see that“, Lady Gaga said, making sure Minelli didn’t miss the applause she was getting,  “the public, they love you.

4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Moment At The Oscars Last Night

  1. I am loving Lady Gaga more and more all the time. Between the concert she did with Tony Bennett, and the love that was visible that evening, and now her compassion and respect for Liza…she’s a good one and it warms my heart.

    1. I remember the first time I saw her on TV. She was in her early 20’s and I thought she had to be pretty special to do what she did at that age. I agree she just gets better.

  2. Maria, I agree, a wonderful tribute to the great Liza Minelli and so happy that Liza had Lady Gaga there with her. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis ( I did see her once on Beverly Blvd in Bev Hills and she was so nice) with the puppy.

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