Back To My Potholder Square Quilt

Sewing together the backing for the quilt.

It’s 9 pm.  Down here below the tree and roofline, it’s dark.  But when I look up through my studio window, the sky is still too light for the stars to shine.  I just called Fate and Bud in and closed my studio door.  The mosquitos are drawn to the light and I don’t want them to think they’re invited to come in too.

I’m working on the quilt I made from the potholder squares. Tacking it with blue yarn.  I took a break to post these photos of the work I did on it today.

This morning I found the fabric for the backing and sewed it together.

The back of the quilt top, lying on my studio floor face to face on the backing beneath it.

Here I am after having laid the batting over the quilt and trimming it to size.  I’m also pinning it as I cut the batting.

This is the back of the quilt when it was still light out.  I’m halfway done with the tacking.

I’ll work a little more tonight and finish it tomorrow.

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