Heron Feathers

heron feathers

“Get the sheep”, I yelled to Fate, motioning with my hand for her to keep running.

We were in the back pasture, the light already fading at 7:30 pm.  I walked backward, the sheep following me to the far fence, Fate circling round and round.

Even though the flowers are long gone I caught the scent of beebalm as I crushed the tall leafy plants under my feet.  I saw the green heron, which I’ve been watching all summer,  coming from a distance and looked up as he flew right over my head and landed in the marsh on the other side of the fence.

I took it as an affirmation to continue working on my Heron fabric painting.

I didn’t get much studio time today.  It was time for me to catch up on my bookkeeping again.  As usual, I put it off so that I was three months behind.

By the time I got to my studio, the sun was already on the west side of the house, the thick orange light streaming in my front window. I sat on my floor an emptied bag of fabric scraps from Nancy piled in front of me.  I picked through the slices of circles putting aside the blues and greens.

For some reason, there were a lot of them, just the colors I was looking for. Their shapes, close enough to create the illusion of feathers.

I also did a few drawings to get a feeling for what the eye and markings around the head will look like.  I’ll stitch the eye, but I’m not sure where the stitching will end and the fabric begin. I’ll figure that out as I work on it.

The heron eye I liked best was on a piece of paper with my list of things I’d like to get done this week.

Thursday Jon and I are going to Bishop Gibbons.  Sue Silverstein said the kids in her class are excited to make some dog and cat beds for a local shelter. It’s a good place to start then we can work our way up to the lap quilts.

I had a big bag of polyester batting that someone gave me a while ago. We’ll use that for the batting.  But I want to make a sample bed so the students will have something to work from.

I owe someone a Chicken Potholder so that’s on my list.

And I want to work on my Corona Kimono.  Now that Jon and I both got covid I know what I’ll be stitching on the collar, the last place to fill in with my drawings.

Tomorrow I hope to cross the “heron face” off my list. Because that’s what I plan on working on in the morning.

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