Picking Up My Bedlam Farm Wool

I keep looking at the sheep’s wool and thinking maybe I should have had them shorn this fall.  But really only the four youngest sheep (Lori, Robin, Merricat and Constance) have wool long enough for shearing.  And it can wait for the spring.

Everyone’s wool looks so thick and healthy this year.  Maybe it’s all the good grass.  It’s unusual for it to be so green this time of year.

On Saturday Jon and I will go to the Vermont Fiber Mill in Vermont to pick up my wool.  I always say I’m going to wait till Monday to put it up for sale, but usually, I can’t wait that long and post it in my Etsy Shop on Sunday.

I will be getting in touch with the people on my wool list before putting the wool up for sale, and that can take a day or so to figure out.

So either Sunday or Monday I’ll have Bedlam Farm wool for sale once again.

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