The Last Batch Of Sheep Potholders?

I took some time today to design what I think will be the last of my Sheep Potholders.  I don’t even know that there are more people out there who want any.  I’ve already made and sold about 40 for them.

But the fabric was still on my work table and the idea of making more called to me. I think it may be the colors as much as the sheep.  There is something soothing about working with them.

And I don’t have any potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop,  so once I finish off this latest batch, they will take care of that.

When I was uploading the photos I took today I did notice how the picture of the trees in the mist, on the edge of the farm, that I took this morning had a similar pallet to my potholders.  I couldn’t get enough of those trees this morning. Even though I watched the light around them change with the rising sun from a distance, I still felt their embrace.

The Sheep Potholders I made today

2 thoughts on “The Last Batch Of Sheep Potholders?

  1. I don’t have one yet! Is the top right one still available? If not, backup choice is the third one down in the middle row. 🙂

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