One Pigeon Is Flying, The Other Is Out Of The Nest

One pigeon is flying and the other is out of the nest.

Yesterday  I got the ladder to look in the nest and the pigeon flew from the top of it to the chair hanging on the barn wall.

When Jon saw the pigeon on the chair he got interested in her.

We don’t know the pigeon’s genders, but we decided to call the older pigeon Begonia, one of Jon’s favorite flowers to photograph. And the younger pigeon is Iris.  Because it’s the name of someone dear to us and because the Iris’ are in bloom.

Begonia is still learning to fly.

In the morning she tried to fly up through the hole in the ceiling into the hayloft, but couldn’t make it.  This is the hole that I use to get into the hayloft and the pigeon’s mother and father pigeon use too.  (The difference is I use the ladder that’s attached to the barn wall).  It’s where they would fly to sometimes when they were sitting on the nest and I came into the barn.

When I went into the barn a few hours later Begonia flew up from the chair and right through the hole.  She must have been practicing.

There are two more pigeon nests in the hayloft and access to the outside through the broken window.   It must have been a whole other world up there for Begonia and I wondered if she would come back.

She did.

That evening, Begonia was back and Iris was out of the nest for the first time.  They were both sitting on the barn beam where their nest is.

I had to wonder if Begonia told Iris about the other world she had visited.  The place where their parents came from, and where they hear the coos of other pigeons.

Maybe that inspired Iris to want to leave the nest too.

Iris and Begonia on the beam where their nest is.

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