Turtle Inspired Ravens


It started with the turtle.   I thought to make one for a friend who recently found meaning in it.    I knew I wanted to put the paint down first like I did for my Pocket Of Joy Potholders, then stitch over the paint.

I practiced the design in my sketch pad, then brought it to my sewing machine.  I’m not looking for an accurate representation of a turtle, but to capture the spirit and essence of the turtle.

painting the turtle shape

When I was done, it looked just as I hoped it would, and I was inspired.

painting ravens

That experience encouraged me to try the same with Ravens.

I pulled out some white fabrics, mostly muslin, and lightly sketched some ravens with pencil.  Then I mixed black using blue and orange fabric paint and roughly painted them. On some I used a lot of water which allowed the paint to bleed.  Others were more dry brush.  Each piece of fabric reacted differently to the paint.

When I looked at them this morning they all dried a bit lighter.  The colors subtly settling in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

Once again it was just what I was hoping for.

The fourth raven

Now they were ready for the stitching.

As I practiced, my stitched lines became more expressive and fluid. I loosened up so my ravens did too.  I was able to get a good feeling for how I wanted them to look.   And each with their own personality.

I liked both of these Ravens and am not sure how I’ll use them yet.  I still have a fabric painting in mind, but these two will not be a part of that.  I can imagine adding some fabric to them and making them into pillows.  Or maybe I’ll end up using them in a quilt.

Maybe I’ll know more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Turtle Inspired Ravens

  1. Maria, I love the splotch of paint with the creature painted over the color. It is a genius thought. Truly original. You have the flowers and creatures and what will be your next category? Our devices have always hoped to be a teaching tool. Many have taught but not what enhances life as hoped. But your blog does teach and we benefit greatly. A big thank you girl goes out to you. You are a treasure. Veronica

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