Mushrooms For My Raven

My Raven needs mushrooms.  I knew this for a while, and it still holds true.  Today I began to do something about it.

I typed “mushroom” into the search box on my blog and up came all my mushroom photos over the past few years.   Then I got my newsprint sketchpad and a marker and started to draw them.

I struggled with trying to create mushrooms last summer and didn’t get far.  But the idea never left me and now I know just what I want to do.

Using fabric paint has opened up a whole new way of working and it’s just right for parts of this fabric painting.

After I had a feeling for drawing the mushrooms, I got out my paint, found a few different kinds of fabric to experiment with, and started mixing paint.

I painted the shapes of a few different mushrooms, but before I could stitch over them, I had to wait for them to dry.  It’s not the quick process that I’m used to, but in a way, it’s good because it slows me down.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet Sue at Bishop Gibbons and get the sewing machines working for the beginning of school.  Jon isn’t going with me because there isn’t much for him to do there without the kids.  And he’d just be hanging around while I was working.

I don’t know if I’ll get home in time to work on the mushrooms.  If not tomorrow then the next day.

I did get my shipping done, some paperwork, a did a bit of work on my Raven and Turtle potholders while the mushrooms were drying.

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