So Many Ravens

inside my studio

So many Ravens, they’re taking up space all over my studio.  There were even more before I sold my Raven Potholders.  But those have fled.

I finished the backing on my Raven fabric painting just a few minutes ago. I want to write about it, but there’s no time today.  I have Bellydancing soon and still have to feed all the animals.

I am thinking of the other ravens in my studio too. Of what they might become.

I have an old quilt top that is the color of ravens (at least in my mind).  I also have the beginnings of a quilt that I started a couple of months ago and can see that one of my ravens might be just what it needs.

Maybe I need something between finishing my Raven fabric painting and more ravens.  I don’t know yet, but I trust I will.

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