Backing My Raven Quilt… and A New Zip Potholder?


Ironing the backing of my Raven quilt

The fabric I choose for the backings of my quilts needs to work with the front of the quilt.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the same colors.  It can be the tone or the print of the fabric.  I know if a fabric works because it feels right.

I got the backing and batting sewn on my Raven quilt today.

While I was washing the fabric for the backing,  I did a few drawings for a Zip Potholder.

After taking the picture of Zip peeking under the barn door,  I thought it could make a good potholder.

So working from my photo, I did a drawing.

I still have to work it out on my sewing machine.  I think I’m going to stitch this one, then use some black paint for Zip’s face.  That’s my plan anyway.  I’ll have to see how it works out when I actually do it.

But that will come next week.  Tomorrow I hope to finish tacking my Raven quilt.

The drawing for my Zip potholder

2 thoughts on “Backing My Raven Quilt… and A New Zip Potholder?

  1. I smiled at Suzy’s Shawl but an even bigger smile at the drawing of the Zip Potholder. In any history of cats, their rodent hunting was the reason for humans bonding with them. You have easily convinced me that the farm now feels complete with your cat.

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