My Raven Quilt, Sue’s Watch and The Blue Jay

Raven Quilt

I was sewing that strip of blue with the flowers onto my Raven quilt when out of the corner of my eye I saw shades of blue and bright white.  It was two Blue Jay, hopping from one branch to another  in the green of the lilac bush outside my studio window.

All that blue in all that green.

Blue Jays come to the feeder outside my window in the winter, but I’ve never seen them in the Lilacs this time of year.

Yet, I wasn’t surprised the Blue Jays visited me while working on my Raven Quilt.  Because of the story that Sue, who is buying my Raven quilt, told me….

Years ago I owned a horse farm and you know all the activities related to that.  Well one day I was bush hogging the back of the acreage and realized when I was finished that I had lost my watch!  I looked everywhere for it and could not find it.  It bothered me terribly because I am not one to lose things.
Several days later I was leaning on the fence to one of the paddocks talking with one of my horses.  In the tree next to me I heard loud squawking.  I looked up and there was a blue jay in the sun.  He took flight and dropped my watch right in front of me!  I was so astounded.  It had a piece of grass stuck in it and it was still working.  The jay circled around and then landed back in the tree, all proud of himself.  It was just shocking.  So I thanked him and told him how much it meant to have it back.  That day is burnished in my memory forever.  It began my love affair with Corvids.
When I read Sue’s story of the Blue Jay returning her watch, I got chills.  I knew the quilt was meant for her.
I finished my Raven Quilt today.
The back of my Raven quilt

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