“Woodland Animal” Quilt, Design Done

Woodland Animal Quilt

I finished designing my Woodland Animal quilt for Kathy this morning.  It didn’t take much more fabric to make it complete, just the right ones.

It was beginning to get too dark, which didn’t feel right.  So I added a strip of sunlight. Then the brown calico softened all those bold straight lines. A frame that expands instead of constricting.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on the backing.

32 thoughts on ““Woodland Animal” Quilt, Design Done

  1. I love it!!! Your quilt has lots of personality and I really like how the strip of yellow and the calico frame make it all pop! Beautiful work Maria!

  2. A beautiful quilt as always. You have an amazing eye for color!
    I have enjoyed “watching” you evolve as a quilter.

  3. This quilt is so wonderful!! You are such an inspiration!

    Wishing for a Zip magnet but i know you have a lot going on. Healing thoughts to Jon!

  4. Maria, the light mustard yellow and plum/maroon colors are just so beautiful. Gingerbread snaps and hot chocolate will go together with this stunning quilt. And calico ! What an inspiring touch !

  5. Oh wow Maria- this is beautiful. It has such integrity of design. Not sure how to explain what I mean except to say that all the colors, design elements with the animal portraits perfectly balance and complement one another. A rather weak explanation of a marvelous piece! Well done!

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