Two Weeks Of Wool

I’m going to make …myself learn to knit. What’s an easy place to start? It’s pretty sedating, yes? Our entire country needs to start knitting.  A message from Jackie who bought my wool.

I pack up my dryer ball in paper bags, a label and my business card.  In with each order is a post card with a picture of  the sheep.  I made the post cards last year, before Liam died.  He is the first, then Issachar, whose wool is in the dryer balls and next to him Kim.

I’ve used up all the roving making dryer balls.  I am still contacting people on my list and sending them out.

It’s been two weeks of shipping out my wool and it has sold very nicely, Thank you all.

Of 104 skeins I have about 25 still available.  These are all natural colors, grays and whites from Robin, Biddy, Lori and Suzy, and Merricat and Kim.  Some pure Romney and others a mix of Romney and Border Leicester or Karakul.

I took a video this morning introducing my sheep to people who might not know where my wool comes from. I’ll post it with the yarn in my Etsy Shop.  Maybe people looking for wool on Etsy will find it, Bedlam Farm and my blog.

Supposedly, people are more likely to look at something on Etsy if there is a video.

Thank you for all the good feedback from those of you  who have bought my wool.  I love to hear it as you can imagine.

Ronnie is buying it as a gift for her daughter. ” My daughter is going to be so surprised with working with the REAL thing.” she wrote me.

And Stephanie learned to know when she was 15 years old, but hasn’t knit since then. “You and your sheep inspired me” she wrote.

I weighed a skein of yarn for Theresa.  She’s been buying yarn by the weight not yardage for 50 years and wanted to make sure she’d have enough for a scarf.   ” I love the feel of this yarn.”  Theresa wrote.

So, if you love to knit or crochet or know someone else who does my wool makes a nice gift.  Natural grays and white are a good combination.   And Biddy’s last 4oz’s of brown Romney wool is unusually soft.

You can see and buy my wool here.

4 thoughts on “Two Weeks Of Wool

  1. I love knitting with your wool! The mittens and slippers I’ve knitted with your wool are still going strong! I’m working on a hat with the left over bits and pieces from past projects and I have a couple skeins left to finish it. It should be a fun warm hat for winter! The video is great, the sheep all have sweet faces! I love Robins wooly face, he looks like a big lamb

    1. You know I love to hear the Josie. I remember when you made the slippers. How nice you have left-overs to make something else with. And I know what you mean about Robin.:)

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