The Lost Zip Potholder For Sale

My “Zip Potholder” is for sale.  It’s $35 + $5 shipping you can buy it  in my Etsy Shop.

I found it when I was cleaning up my studio in a pile of fabric.  A lone Zip Potholder.  I made and sold over 30 of these a month or so ago.  This one got lost somehow, but now it’s for sale in  my Etsy Shop.

I hand painted and stitched this potholder on my sewing machine.  I drew the image of Zip looking under the barn door from a photo I took of him when we first got him.

My Zip Potholder is  $30 + $5 shipping  and you can buy it here.

I also have more Zip In the Hen House Magnets for sale.  They are 3″ square and are $7 including shipping.  You can buy them here.

My Zip Magnet For sale

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