Stopping To Take A Picture

There is always time for a photo.  On the way home I pulled the car over so Jon could take a picture.  He and I have been doing this for years together.

Daylight was already fading by the time we got home.  Jon came with me to feed the animals.  It was cold with light snow, but it felt good to be outside.  So I looked for chores to do and found them.  I cleaned out the chicken coop, filled up the bird feeder and, with Jon’s help, brought two loads of wood into the farmhouse.

Zip hung around Jon and when he was done taking pictures, they sat on the chair under the apple tree for a while.

I went for a short walk on the road with Fate and Zinnia who seemed to need it as much as I did. Somehow the day was unusually draining.

No work in my studio today.  I will finish tacking Linda’s quilt tomorrow.

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