Jon Is Teaching Me How To Grow Older Well

When Jon got home he took the tulips from the house and brought them outside to take a picture of them.  Zip joined him and as I took a picture of them from my studio window one of the woodpeckers landed on the feeder.  I thought it just right since Jon has begun taking pictures of birds this winter.

Jon called me on the way home from his doctor’s appointment. He was going to have his hearing checked  which he’s noticed isn’t as good as it used to be.

I feel like I’m fortunate to be married to someone who isn’t afraid of dealing with aging.  Not that it’s always easy, but when Jon recognizes a problem he is having it doesn’t usually take him long to try to do something about it.

He told me that he doesn’t want to be annoying by always asking me what someone said, or not hearing me when talk to him.  I knew when he started looking into his hearing that he was doing it for me and us, as much as himself.

Although I haven’t experienced it the way Jon has, I understand that even just admitting that there may be a problem is difficult.  It’s opening a door that most likely won’t be closed again.  But Jon also always talks about how he avoided doctors for years and now that he takes his health seriously, he is living the benefits of getting help.

I learn from Jon each time he takes on something new.  Which is all constant.  And it’s not just his health.  It’s his creativity, his writing and photography.

I think it’s because of that and his attitude, that I don’t think of him as being old.  Which can probably be annoying sometimes, because I have to remember that even though his mind and heart are right where I am, his body has a harder time doing things than it used to.

I hope that I will be able to face the issues of aging with the same grace, awareness and honesty that Jon does.  And even as my body gets old, I hope my mind and heart can remain as open and curious and creative as Jon’s.

You can see Jon’s photos of the tulips and read what he wrote about his hearing here. 

In this picture that I took out my studio window you can actually see Jon, Zip and the tulips.

4 thoughts on “Jon Is Teaching Me How To Grow Older Well

  1. Where Jon goes, Zip often goes. Seems like he doesn’t want to miss out on a photo op, and is infinitely curious about what Jon is doing. It’s delightful to see them together

    1. I think they are alike in many ways LoisJean. And they connect on a level that animals do with people in that special way. You certainly see it.

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