Four Meditation Trees For Sale

My Meditation Tree I  is 8″x11″.  It is $40 + $5 shipping and you can buy it here.

I finished sewing my Meditation Trees and now have 4 for sale in my Etsy Shop.  As always, since I draw each one individually using my free motion sewing machine, they are all slightly different.

Each is made on a tea stained piece of cotton fabric.  Then I stitch the tree and earth energy spiral.  The last thing I do is paint the leaves.

My Meditation Tree, is based on an image I saw while meditating. A towering tree, with a wide grounded trunk. Leaves like my fluttering mind. And earth energy begin pulled up the roots.

I’ve already sold 13 Meditation Trees (a good number).

One person said she will place it on her lap while she meditates, another will hang it on the wall in the Meditation Space in her home.  Vicki sent me the photo below of hers.  For her it’s a reminder to practice meditation.

Each Meditation Tree is about 8″x11″.  They come with four 3M soft hangers that attach to the fabric and the wall without leaving a mark.

My Meditation Trees are $40 + $5 shipping. You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

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