Yoni Tree Potholders And Buttons

Yoni Tree Potholder (to be)

I was looking through my stash of linens for some to make a couple of Flying Vulva Potholders and found a few of these linens with the green circle and blue decorations.  I used one of them for a Flying Vulva Potholder, but when I looked at the second empty circle, I saw a tree.

So on the two linens I had left, I stitched Yoni Trees.  I haven’t done any free motion drawing in a while and it felt good to be doing it again.

Yoni Tree II

Just yesterday I got my Yoni Tree buttons (made from my Yoni Tree fabric painting) in the mail and I thought it would be nice to include one button with each potholder.  The buttons are about 1″ wide by 2″ tall.  I’ll probably sell them in my Etsy Shop, but I’ll wait till tomorrow when I can get a better picture in the daylight.

The problem with selling the buttons separately is that the shipping is usually more expensive than the button itself.  I’d have to figure out a way to mail them less expensively.   But I do like giving them away when it makes sense.

I still have to make these Yoni Trees into potholders.  But when I do I’ll sell them in my Etsy Shop, each with their own Yoni Tree Button.

Yoni Tree button

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