Coloring By Claudia

By Claudia

It was in February, the last time I was at The Mansion that I was working with Claudia, Ruth, Nancy, and Becky to make a quilt.

I still have the pieces we sewed together in my studio.  When I’m allowed to go back to The Mansion, I’ll bring them and we’ll work on the quilt till it’s done.

Jon’s been raising money with the help of the Army of Good to let the people who live at The Mansion know that they are not forgotten.

People have been sending the residents letters and with the money from the Army of Good, Jon bought a bunch of art supplies and is sending meals, including homemade pies from Jean’s Diner, which the residents love.

A few days ago I emailed Julie, the activities director, a coloring page.  Today she sent this picture of it that Claudia colored in.

When I saw the picture, for a moment, I imagined being back at The Mansion, sitting around the table in the activities room with Claudia and some of the other women (it’s mostly women) who are regulars at my art classes.

It made me remember how much I enjoy working with them.  How much fun we have together, even if we’re doing more talking than art.

I just sent Julie the Inside, Outside, the coloring page I put up for sale in my Esty Shop yesterday so they have something else to color.

I’m beginning to think of them as visual collaborative letters between me and the people who color them in.  A note between us, saying I haven’t forgotten you.

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