Comments And Spam. More Technical Problems


Last week I was told by many of you that the comments you left on my blog were being returned saying they contained malicious content. 

As I wrote back then, that was not my doing, but a glitch in the technology.  My web designers are trying to fix the problem.

But the problem continues, this morning when I got on my blog after being off it for my Saturday Internet Sabbath, there were over 350 comments on my blog.

I’d guess that at least 345 of them are spam.

I do monitor my comments.  I have to approve them before they go up on my blog.  So I will try to find the real comments between the spam, but I may miss a few.

So If your comment doesn’t post, once again, don’t take it personally.  It’s not me rejecting your comment, but technology not working the way I’d prefer it to.


2 thoughts on “Comments And Spam. More Technical Problems

  1. Wow, Maria! I think Biddy’s portrait is your finest to date! 🙂 Love it! Sorry to hear about the spam problem…hope it gets fixed soon.

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