My Painted Vintage Hankie Scarves

My first four Painted Hankie Scarves

I finished sewing together my first four Painted  Vintage Hankie Scarves today.  All four are already spoken for.  But I will be making more.  I have lots of hankies that I’ve already painted and plenty more that I can paint. (which I love doing).

When I painted the hankies I wasn’t thinking about how they would work together in a scarf. Choosing which painted hankies should go together is like curating an exhibit. Something I haven’t done in a long time.

Of course, the scarves look different flat on my studio floor than they do draped around someone’s shoulders.  So below is a photo of one of the scarves hanging.

After making all different kinds of Vintage Hankie Scarves for so many years I am aware that the middle hankie (or hankies) doesn’t get the same visibility as the ones on the ends.  I do plan for that when I’m making them.

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