Kathy’s “Woodland Animals” Quilt

I looked at Kathy’s woodland animal pillow shams laid out on my studio floor and wondered what to do next.

I knew I needed to start filling in the spaces between them, but where to start?  I pulled out the fabrics I thought would work and started placing them around the pillow shams.

When I realized I was getting too bogged down with planning, I picked them all back up.  Then I put  a single square of teal fabric where I had no doubt it should be.

This I know, I thought.  So this is where I’ll start.

It is different starting with four big pieces of fabric with strong images on them.  They have to relate to each other, to be cohesive. So having them laid out where they will be on the quilt  is important to the overall design.

But I also want a feeling of spontaneity.   I want to the quilt to ask some questions.  And for me that comes when I balance my thinking mind with feeling and intuition.

Below is the work I got done today.


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