Off To Dance

I just have a few more things to do to make my outfit complete. Jon helped me tie my coinbra, (bless him.)I have a dahlia and zinnia from the garden in my hair. I hope they don’t wilt before I get to Bennington.

Ok I’m off!

More Hen Potholders For Sale

My Imperious Hen Potholders For Sale In my Etsy Shop

My latest batch of Imperious Hen Potholders is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

The hens were gracious enough (after some coaxing with a cantaloupe rind) to pose outside my studio window.   I was able to do a few drawings of them and turn them into potholders.  I have four for sale in my Etsy shop.

Each potholder is a unique and individual drawing that I sewed using my free motion sewing machine.  My Imperious Hen Potholders are $30 each + $5 shipping for one or more.

Just click here to buy them.

Grooming Hen Potholder
Haughty Hen Potholder


Covid And Soup Brain

Ever since I got covid I’ve been cooking more than I have in years.  Its because I only feel like eating certain things.  Soup is one of those things and I can’t get enough of it. Luckily Jon feels the same way.

So this morning I picked up some vegetables and made lentil soup and tomato soup. Both recipes are easy.  It’s more chopping than anything else, which works for me.

It feels like I’ve been making soup all day.  I can hardly remember anything else I did, besides the laundry and morning animal chores.  Now it’s 5pm and it feels much later than it should be.

I also feel like I’m not making sense and I probably shouldn’t even be trying to write, because there are too many thoughts crowding my head and I can’t find the words for them.

I know this must be covid messing with my brain. Because it’s not something I’ve felt before.  Except may it feels a little like being stoned. But even that’s not right either.

Maybe I’m feeling like all the different ingredients in the lentil soup I made today, before they got blended together into something cohesive.

It’s like I just don’t fit together. Not scatterered, so much as every part of me and each separate thought is bumping into each other and not able to settle.

I think I’ll just stop writing now.  I took some good pictures of the hens, I’ll post them instead.

Jon’s New Wardrobe

Jon and I keep saying we’re doing fine, but this morning made me wonder.

There I was gazing into the pond, taking my time mucking out the barn and I forgot I left the water running to fill up the animal’s water bucket.  When I finally wandered back to the barn and saw the water had been spilling over the bucket and was now not running my first thought was that I had dried up the well.

Then I saw the hens gathered around the barn door and knew Jon had turned off the water and was feeding the hens.

We’ve both been suffering from covid “foggy head”.  That is we forget things like picking up the laundry at the Co-op (our weekly job), words that should be easy to remember, why I came back into the house and turning off the water.

But something else has been happening since Jon and I both got covid.

Jon has been dressing in a way he never has before.  First, he was wearing shorts, then he was walking around barefoot.  This morning, he was in the barn scattering mealworm wearing only his underpants, hat, and shoes.

It’s not unusual for Jon to run outside naked to get a photo, but he wasn’t just taking a picture.  He was casually going about his business as if he were fully clothed.

I’m not sure what to make of it all.  If it’s a side effect of covid.  If it’s temporary or permanent.

I wouldn’t mind if it were permanent.  Better a new way of dressing than a foggy head.  And his new fashion sense is kind of cute.

Covid Together

Jon reading under the apple tree yesterday

Even though Jon hasn’t tested positive yet, he has many of the symptoms of covid.

If we had to get covid, it’s working out well so far.  Each of us is able to take care of the other as we get worse before feeling better.  If Jon tests positive tomorrow, he’ll check with his doctor to see if he should get the anti-viral medicine Paxlovid.

Yesterday we sat outside under the apple tree for a few hours.  Jon read his book and took pictures.  I looked at the fields, mountains and sky as if I were watching a movie that I was familiar with but had never seen before.   We visited with the donkeys and we watched the hens peck at a melon rind until it was paper thin.

It’s another beautiful late summer day but Jon isn’t feeling well so I don’t know if he’ll make it outside again.

I’m still taking it easy, just doing what I have to is enough to tire me out.

An Interview With “Shoutout Colorado”

The Show Your Art Guru Potholder I made for Jon.

A month ago I got an email from Nick at Shoutout Colorado an online magazine.  He said that Barb Techel had recommended that he interview me for the magazine.

So wrote back to Nick and told him the story about how I got my business started, and sent some pictures along with it.

Now the article is published so I thought I’d share it with all of you on my blog. Many of you know the story of my potholders, quilts,and the Show Your Art Guru.  But for those of you who don’t, now you can read about it if you’d like.

Just click on the photo below.

And you can check out Barb’s blog, joyfulpaws.  She’s a writer and artist and does oracle card reading for people and pets too.


Life Drawing With The Hens And My Sewing Machine

The hens I drew yesterday with my sewing machine.  A couple are upside-down

Yesterday, before I started feeling really bad, I was in my studio drawing hens with my sewing machine.

I was drawing them from memory, but then I saw that the hens had gathered under the lilac bush outside my studio window.

It was like having a live model (or three) in front of me as I sewed.  Like being in a life-drawing class where the model changes his or her position every thirty seconds.

This will be a great thing to do in the winter when the hens wait under the birdfeeder for seeds to fall.  Better than just throwing seeds or mealworms down to attract them.  They tend to just gobble those up and go on their way.

But I’ll try that too when I’m feeling better too.

I think I’m going to cut these up and sew them into potholders.  I’m too worn out to get into my studio, but I’m trying to imagine what they might look like as potholders, which colors I’ll use and if they’ll be solids or patterned or both.

Technical Difficulties For Me And My Blog

At this point, I’m not sure what is and what isn’t working on my blog.  If I put up a photo, the text doesn’t show up.  Except for the title.

I’m also not feeling well, so I don’t know If I’ll post later when my blog is up and working properly again.

But I plan on being back tomorrow for sure.

Thanks for your patience.

Full Moon Fiber Art