Roger’s Pillows

April 22nd, 2016

roger's pilllow

I was going to go for a walk with Fate, but I wanted to finish the pillows I was making  out of Roger’s clothes for Sue.  I tacked the quilt yesterday and once the pillows were done I could send them all back home.

I didn’t recognize the number on my phone when it rang.  It was Rebecca from the Cambridge Co-op.  I was scheduled to work at 1:30 and it was almost 2:00.  I had completely forgotten.

With one handful of stuffing in the pillow, I placed it on my floor and took a picture of it and the other pillow.  I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to get a photo of them or blog till much later.

And here it is 10pm, I’m usually in bed by now.  But we met Pamela from Blue Star for dinner in Bennington Vermont then went to see Jungle Book.  It  was Pamela’s idea and I’m so glad she asked us.  The movie was well, wonderful.  Somehow, I never read Jungle Book or saw the movie before.  It’s a bit of a fantasy for me, the idea of growing up in the jungle, living with all those animals.  And the animation was wonderful.  You could actually see the skin moving over the shoulders of the tiger, Shere Kahn, as he walked.  And the trees are as alive as the animals.   Jon and I are thinking about seeing it again.

Now I’m going to bed, but I wanted to put a couple of picture’s of Roger’s Pillows, even though they lack their stuffing.  I’m planning on finishing them on Monday.

roger's pilllow2


The Trade

April 21st, 2016


I did some energy work with my friend Mandy today. I’m not ready to write about it, but I did this drawing afterwards.

I gave up my fierceness to make space for your pain.

Afternoon Brushing

April 20th, 2016

fate and lulu

On the afternoons when I brush the donkeys and Chloe, I take Fate with me.  She loves just being around the sheep.

Fanny and Lulu always come right to me, they love the attention.  I start to brush them and Chloe will usually come after a while.  If she’s grazing and  doesn’t  come to me, I’ll put her halter on and tie her to the fence to brush her too.

Today Chloe came quickly and then it was the three of them, all standing around waiting their turn.

First I use a curry comb on them one at a time.  Then a hard brush, then a soft one.  Sometimes when I’m brushing Chloe Fanny or Lulu will impatiently nose me in the butt to get my attention.

Then I pick their feet. I do one side and two feet at a time.  Moving from donkey to pony to donkey then start again.   Last, I comb Chloe’s mane and tail.  By that time we’re all relaxed, calmly enjoying the company of each other.

Through out it all Fate will run through the donkey’s and Chloe’s legs, looking up at me asking me to tell her to “get the sheep”.   The equines ignore her and I send her off on her rounds.

Tacking Roger’s Quilt

April 20th, 2016


I finished sewing together the  batting and backing on Roger’s Quilt this morning .  Now I’m going to tack it with gray yarn.

I always forget that it takes longer to work on a quilt made from someone’s clothes, because of all of the different kinds of fabric.  Luckily my Viking sewing machine has easy buttons to press to change the tension.  Other wise sewing  something like, rayon to cotton would be much more difficult.

When I sewing cotton on cotton I don’t have to pin the fabric together, but when the fabrics are mixed I pin each piece.  It’s slows me down in a good way because the process is more deliberate and meditative.

Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life, In Good Company

April 20th, 2016

Jane goddess of Perpetual life

When Dorit bought my wallhanging of Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life, she told me that Jane would be sharing a space with her other goddesses.  Then she sent me this picture of Jane,  and I was shocked at how well she fit in with Dorit’s other goddesses.

Then I learned that Dorit made those goddesses and felt a special connection.

Dorit has a beautiful website called  Dorit Dornier where you can see more of her goddesses and other sculptures,  her wonderful  paintings and poetry.

You can see Dorit’s work here.

Happy Accident

April 19th, 2016

dress and shoes

This photo was one of those happy accidents.  I hit the button on my iphone by accident and this is one of the photo’s it took.  I’m not sure why I like it so much.  The colors and my shoes for sure, but also Fate’s green toy in the corner completes the composition and adds some  mystery.

It’s out of focus just enough  to capture the feeling of movement, and urgency.  As if something just happened and the feet are responding to it or about to.


April 19th, 2016

raptor 2

I got my Owl/Cat creature sewed on my quilt today, but once again I’m not sure what to do next.  I think I’ll spend the rest of the day, putting together Roger’s Quilt.

raptor 2 detail

Minnie and Flo Having Dinner

April 19th, 2016

Last night was the first since last summer that both Minnie and Flo stayed outside overnight.  And this morning was also the first time in a long time there was evidence left on the back porch this morning that one of them got a mouse.  (I think it was a stomach)

But they were still there this morning waiting for breakfast.

In the afternoon, where they get served dinner varies.  Today Minnie ate in on the work bench in the barn.  She used to jump from the ground onto the work bench, but since she had her leg amputated we put an old Victorian chair, that we found at the dump, next to the work bench for her to use as a step.

I’ve been feeding Minnie since she first came to Old Bedlam Farm, and we’ve always bumped heads before she eats. Today she had to wait for me to put my camera down, but we got our head bumps in after that.

flo eating dinner

Flo ate on the back porch today, this time of year she usually spends a lot of time on the front porch.  It’s her own little kingdom in a way.   Sometimes, when the chickens are on the porch, I’ll put her food on the Milkcan Chair that Ed Gulley made.  The hens never bother with  the cat food when it’s on that chair.

Raptor Quilt “Cat”

April 18th, 2016


Last night I dreamed of two cats with owl faces.  One was blue and white the other was brown and white.

I drew what I saw in my dream.  Then decided it needed to be on my Raptor quilt.


I stitched what I drew..


By the time I stitched a version of it on the quilt, it began to morph into something different.


From the dream to the fabric, it has changed.   And is now its own unique creature.

Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm

April 18th, 2016