Back On Friday

May 17th, 2016


I woke Flo up when I took a picture of her snoozing on the wicker bench on the front porch.

I woke Flo up when I took a picture of her snoozing on the wicker bench on the front porch.

When Jon and I go away I think of  Minnie and Flo, how they sleep about 15 hours a day.  In between maybe they do a little hunting and have some fresh meat or  if not, they can depend on someone to bring them a bowl of dry food for breakfast and dinner.

Jon and I are going to Hampton Beach again, this time for three nights,  (yay)  I’m planning on behaving like our cats except I’ll swap reading for hunting and dry food for seafood.

Be back on Friday….

Third Chance Scarves

May 16th, 2016


One of the dresses Nancy sent me

One of the dresses Nancy sent me

There was something about the way Nancy described the dresses that made me say “yes”.

Nancy wrote that she was going through some of her things because it was time for her to “feel lighter”.  That’s sometime I understand, I regularly go thought my stuff and send the things I no longer use off to the thrift store.

But I could see that the dresses were special to her.  Although she bought them many years ago,  she still remembered the woman with the  ” wonderful and gentle energy” who made them.   The woman stitched together scarps of fabric to create the dresses and sold them at an Arts and Crafts Fair.

Two days after I said “yes”,   the dresses (and a baggie of Nancy’s mom’s lovely vintage hankies) were in my mailbox.  They fell soft and silky over my arms as I pulled them out of the box.  I knew right away I would use them to make scarves.

This has the be the fastest processes of getting an email from someone offering me something to my receiving it and making something out of it.  It all happened in a matter of days.

This morning in my studio I cut the skirt from the bodice of  one of the dresses.  Then I cut the skirt up and sewed it back together  to make a scarf.

I love the drape of the skirts and didn’t want to compromise it,  so used a thin silky fabric for the backing.

This is what I came up with….

3rd blue and red


and from the second dress…



I have more fabric from the skirts  to make some more of these.  I only have enough backing fabric for a few of more scarves,   so I’m  thinking of piecing together some silk scarves that I have an using them.   (I was never quite sure how to use those silk scarves, but I think this can be perfect).

I’m not sure where the original scraps of fabric came from that were used to make Nancy’s dresses, but I feel like the fabric  is in its third incarnation with my scarves.

After I make a few more I’ll be selling them.  I know  we’re coming out of  scarf whether, but these are light weight and I can always keep them for the fall.

Anyway I had the itch to figure out how to  make them today and nothing was going to stop me until I did.

Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 5/16/16

May 16th, 2016

Today the animals get to graze in the desired side pasture.  Chloe is the first one at the gate, but Fanny and Lulu are hurry for no one.

Living With Rocks

May 15th, 2016


I had a dream the other night that we moved to a house in the suburbs.  It had some big old trees which I loved, but then I realized there were no rocks.   It made me so sad to think I would be living without rocks.

Cambridge is filled with rocks.  There’s a joke that they’re the biggest harvest in the area.  Every year, with the spring rain, there are more.  And this is after hundreds of years of farming the land.

I don’t know much about geology, but I am drawn to the aesthetics of rocks.  Sometimes I take them back to my gardens so I can see them everyday, and sometimes I leave them where they are and visit them in the place they occupy.

This rock is in the back pasture by the gate.  It’s surrounded by clover so I imagine the animals, who all love clover, will keep it from getting overgrown.  If not, if it does disappear in the grasses for the summer, I know I’ll see it again when they die back in the fall.

Goddess in the City

May 13th, 2016

Circle Arms Quilt6

I started this quilt a few days ago.  If began when I took a vintage linen with some Victorian women embroidered on it and drew with permanent marker the goddess with the circle arms on it.

Circle Arms Quilt

I made some of my winged wheels and borrowed some of the goddess images from my Language of the Goddess Book.

victorian woman

The original embroidered women seem to be searching to me, for the wild woman within, the goddess beneath the corseted dress and bonnet.

Circle Arms Quilt2

The city fabric is in juxtaposition to the Goddess.  But the Goddess transcends time she live among us still.

Circle Arms Quilt3

I literally saw the squares of fabric surrounded by black in my wooden floor boards,  before I added them to the quilt.  I easily found the squares in my stash then sewed it all together.

Circle Arms Quilt4

The calendar pieces came from a Calendar dish towel from 1974.  I sewed some to the goddess drawing then used the rest in the corner with a geometric patterned fabric that seemed to work with the designs that I decorated my goddesses with.

Circle Arms Quilt5

I saw the squares of fabric below the drawing just as I saw the ones above it.

Circle Arms Quilt6

I still have to tack the quilt and plan to finish it on Monday.  It will be for sale once I get it all done.  It’s 60″ x 70″ and is $400 + shipping.

Robin Egg Outside My Studio

May 13th, 2016

robin egg

I found a Robin egg outside my studio.  Like the turkey egg we found in the woods yesterday, I know it won’t hatch, but find it so beautiful as it is.

Out My Studio Window

May 13th, 2016

out my window

Dandelions, green Grass, Apple Tree, Fanny, Lulu, Minnie and Hens.  Such beauty just out my studio window.


Equine Revolution

May 12th, 2016

Chloe and Fanny and Lulu refused to go into the back pasture to graze this morning.  Chloe stood at the gate to the side pasture where the greener grass is, as if in protest.  But we’re rotational grazing, two days in each pasture.  This says to me they’re just not that hungry, or there’s sweeter grass coming up in the barn yard.

Spring Fever

May 12th, 2016


Either an owl pellet or coyote scat of fur

Coyote scat of fur.  This was in the pasture too

The giant maple hanging over my studio had been humming with bees for three days.  This morning it’s colder inside my studio than out.  So I propped my door open with a rock and put the screen in my window, letting the warm air in.

I found old deer bones in the pasture, an egg the size of a chicken’s in the woods and listened to tapping coming from inside a skinny pine.

Today spring is here in the way that makes me want to throw off my sweater and walk barefoot again.  It’s the spring that makes me want to be outside,  leaving  everything behind for the freedom of the unknown.

Whisper My Name, A Wall Hanging For Sale

May 11th, 2016
Whispering my name

Whispering my name

Have you ever been alone and heard someone whisper your name?  I can remember this happening to me a few times in my life.  And I’ve heard other people say it’s happened to them.

I thought it might be a ghost or my subconscious trying to get my attention.  But to tell me what, I couldn’t guess.

I made this piece after Carol Conklin visited my studio.  I call this kind  my art   Streaming Pieces because I start by laying fabric on my machine and just sewing whatever comes into my mind. Like stream of consciousness writing only with images.   And sometimes the process seems to  bypasses my mind and go right to my fingers that are guiding the fabric under the needle.

This kind of work comes to me so naturally that I often think there’s nothing special about it, that because there’s an ease in my  creating them and I think  anyone can do it.

Then someone like Carol comes along and reminds me that just because something comes easy doesn’t mean it isn’t  of value,  it’s actually the opposite.  When we’re good at something, maybe it’s what we’re supposed to be doing.  It’s our gift and to not receive it and use it devalues it and ourselves.

When I was making this piece the words whisper my name, came to me.  And I thought of my subconscious calling out to me.   An affirmation of what I was doing.   That I was allowing myself to flow down the river and trusting it would bring me to the place I needed to go.

When I was finished sewing the piece I used some of the fabric from those vintage robes that I took a video of blowing on my clothes line.  Then I did something I never did before and  tacked each corner using a button, a bead and a small piece of  turquiose.

Whisper My Name is for sale.  It’s 23″x25″ including the border and is $150 + $10 shipping.  You can email me at if you’re interested in it.  I take checks and paypal.