Red and Lulu

November 17th, 2015


Red and Lulu

Red and Lulu

Sometimes the animals come together in unexpected ways.  Red is watching the sheep, I’m not sure what Lulu is doing.  But I get the feeling they’re talking to each other, the way animals do. Read the rest of this entry »

Jon and Lulu Finding Comfort

November 16th, 2015

jon nd lulu2

Jon’s often busy with Red and Fate and the sheep when we go out into the pasture.  But the donkeys need affection and attention and they want it from Jon as well as from me.

Every once in a while, when Jon is standing still for a moment, one of the donkeys will stand next to him and wait for him to notice them.  If he doesn’t they’ll nose him in the butt to get his attention.

This afternoon Jon and Lulu found comfort in each other, while Fate was leaning to “stay”.   It’s a sweet thing to see.

Good Morning From Bedlam Farm

November 16th, 2015

It’s been an unusual November in Washington County.  Except for a few days the skies have been blue, the sun is shining and it’s warm.   It’s normally the most dreary month of the year, one I dread.  But this year, November is more like early May.  It doesn’t feel like the harbinger of winter.   I’m making the most of it and I think the animals are too.

Spring Flower in the Fall

November 15th, 2015


I found this pansy growing in our garden this morning.  There it was through the  dry leaves and freezing night,  one of the first spring flowers in the fall.

Vintage Hankie Scarves Sold Out

November 13th, 2015
Daffodil Scarf

Daffodil Scarf   Sold

It’s been a while since I made some of my Vintage Hankie Scarves.  I made a few for the Open House and they sold quickly.  I made a few more last week and just got them back from Kim, who sews them together after I design them.  I had two with kittens and puppies on the, but they sold before I even sewed them together.

Now I have  4 Vintage Hankie Scarves for sale.  They’re $45 each + $8 shipping.  If you see one you like, you can email me here at  I take checks and paypal.


Hearts and Roses Scarf

Hearts and Roses Scarf  Sold

Violets Scarf

Violets Scarf Sold

Purple and Yellow Scarf

Purple and Yellow Scarf Sold

From 1970’s Skirt to Potholders

November 13th, 2015
The Patchwork Skirt, after I got to it.

The Patchwork Skirt, after I got to it.

Sometimes making potholders is just what I feel like doing.  After expending a certain kind of creative energy on my last wallhanging,  dealing with the simplicity of shapes and colors in my potholders is a welcome change.

What I’ve learned about making potholders is to create a limit or a challenge.  Otherwise, there are too many options, and I get stuck in endless possibility.  So yesterday, I took the very long, homemade,  patchwork skirt (probably from the 70’s) that someone sent me and decided to make a batch of potholders using just the patches from it.  Then I immediately broke my own rule and pulled out two pairs of  cotton shorts that someone else gave me, one teal the other purple and added them to the mix.  Because the colors were just right.

I like the idea that I was reusing already reused fabric. But some of it I couldn’t use.  I looked at one of the black patches, which would have been perfect for a potholder I was designing, and said to it, Sorry, you’re just not potholder material.   It was a thin polyester.  Whoever made the skirt used the back of the fabric.  There were white stripes on the front.  I saved it and some of the other patches for a quilt.

I might make a few more potholders today.  The last one I did gave me an idea of a new design.   Here’s what the skirt  became at the end of yesterday….

 Nine Potholders Made from the patchwork Skirt

Nine Potholders I designed from the patchwork skirt.

Moon Goddess Rising, A Wall Hanging For Sale

November 12th, 2015
Moon Goddess Rising

Moon Goddess Rising

Our donkeys, Lulu and Fanny, have been a constant.  You can see it in their calm and habitual nature, which is reflected in their peaceful lives on Bedlam Farm.  So many things have changed since Jon and I got together over seven years ago.  Dogs, cats, sheep, chickens leave or die and new ones come to the farm.  Even the farm changed when we moved.  But the Lulu and Fanny remain.   Adjusting with the changes day to day and seemingly unchanged by them long term.  Lulu and Fanny are around 10 years old, they can live into their forties,  but they are already ancient souls.

I’ve been wanting to include them in one of my pieces for a long time.  Always together, a steady grounding force, who need as much love as they give.

The Moon Goddess is as wise as her oak leaf hair and knowing as the intuitive eye in her gut.  Connecting the earth and moon.  Reaching down to the ancient mother as alligator.

A few years ago, during a Soul Retrieval, Alligator slipped into my skin, the same way they slide into down a riverbank into the water, filling me with the protective wisdom I was missing.

The  marker cross hatch or netting that envelops alligator in my wall hanging is a symbol of water as are the images on either side.  Water as the life giver.

The serpents as well as the moon are regenerating life.  And the oak tree that  sleeps in  the moon at night speaks of wisdom and the cycles of nature.

Moon Goddess Rising is stitched and drawn using permanent markers on a Vintage Linen table runner.  It’s 26″ x 17″ and is Sold $200 + $10 shipping.  If you’re interested in it you can email me here at

I’m charging a bit more than I usually do for this piece, although I have been raising my prices in small increments steadily.  It’s something I always think about whenever I make anything, how much to charge.  This piece took me three days to make,   it has a lot of intricate stitching.  Lately I’ve been charging $150 for a piece this size but it’s not hard to figure out that if I did that, I’d have made $50 a day.  Even at $200 it’s not much.   I hate to think about selling art in terms of an hourly wage.  Any piece of art has a lifetime put into it, not just literal hours spent making it.  Figuring this all out isn’t my strong point.   But I would also rather be doing my work and selling it for what I can, for what people are willing to pay,  than not doing it at all.   So it’s about self-worth and making enough money to live on and what my market will bear.  Like most things in life, it’s a constant process and we’re in together.

moon goddess rising detail1

moon goddess rising detail2

moon goddess rising detail3

Moon Goddess Rising ( just a peek)

November 11th, 2015
Detail from my Moon Goddess Rising Wall Hanging

Detail from my Moon Goddess Rising Wall Hanging

Moon Goddess Rising is a mix of machine stitching and permanent marker on half a Vintage linen table runner.  By the time I finished sewing the backing on it was already dark out.  Not a good time for me to take a photo of the piece.  So here’s a detail of it from when it was still light out and not yet finished.

I’ll post the whole thing tomorrow and put it up for sale too.

The Gee’s Bend Quilters in Brattleboro Vermont, And Me.

November 11th, 2015

Delia Pettway Thibodeau, showing me how to quilt  in the lobby of the Catherine Dianich Gallery in Brattleboro.  Photo by Howard Weiss-Tisman

I was hand sewing the backing onto my new wall hanging and my mind went to the night Jon and I went to Brattleboro Vermont to see the Gee’s Bend Quilt show there in October.  I was thinking about how I felt like I could have stayed there all night, quilting and talking to the Delia and China Pettway who were both teaching anyone who wanted to know how to quilt.

Then I remembered that Vermont Public Radio was there at the same time doing an interview.  I know what I was saying, while I was quilting,  was recorded because at one point I almost knocked the small mic out of the interviewers hand.  But I never heard the  piece on the radio, I forgot all about it until just now.

So I googled it,  and there I was in a photo with Delia Pettway Thibodeau.   Seeing myself in the photo, brought me right back to being there and the thrill of it.   I also felt really honored to be pictured with Deila.    You can click here to see more photos and  read or hear the piece about the Gee’s Bend Quilters and their trip to Brattleboro, Vermont.


Chloe and Me, Living Our Own Lives Together

November 10th, 2015

fate sheep chloe

Chloe and I had just come into the barn after riding around the yard.  I leaned down, resting my body on her back and wrapping my arms around her neck.  She stood so still and I started to relax.  I could feel her body relaxing under me.  Her head starting to lower.  Then I cried.

I don’t know why I was crying.  I tried to think about what I was feeling, but I had no words for it. I was just suddenly filled with emotion.

We had a good time together.  Not really a ride, just walking from here to there, around and back,  short distances.  I used the bareback pad that someone sent me.  It was more comfortable  than the saddle for me and for Chloe I think.  When Pamela was here over the weekend,  she said I didn’t need a saddle. Not for the kind of riding I’m interested in doing.  And that sounded right to me. So I decided to trust Pamela and my own feelings.  And I noticed riding bareback makes me pay closer attention.  It’s less about trying to get Chloe to do what I want so I can ride her and more about using the riding as a way to better communicate with her.

I think that idea changes the relationship for me.  Before getting Chloe when ever I thought of a horse, I thought of it being about riding.  About me riding a horse.  Now I see that’s just one of the things you can do together.  So now I’m not sure what having a horse is about.  So many different people have told me so many different things that a horse can do for  a person.  Things like building confidence and healing.  Pamela talks about our ancient connection.  I understand all of this intellectually, but what I’m experiencing has nothing to do with my intellect. It’s happening in my body.

I do know that Chloe and I got closer to each other today.  And  later when I saw her grazing outside my studio window, I got the feeling we’re both were we’re supposed to be.  Living our own lives together.  And I’m not even completely sure what that means, but it feels good.