Three Sister’s Garden, What I’m Looking For

May 26th, 2016

At edge of three sisters

Standing at the edge of Three Sister’s Garden I wonder what the seeds are doing four days after being planted.

I imagine them curled up in the dark earth.  Drinking in the moisture from Monday’s soaking rain and Jon’s daily  watering.

Maybe by now they’re beginning to stir.  Unable to resist the changes going on inside of them.

Soon they’ll be stretching and stretching, the edge of an uncurled leaf, separating the soil, poking up out of the earth.

And feeling the sun on the tiniest tip of their being they’ll say, in their own corn, or bean or squash way,  Oh! this is what I’ve been looking for.

Finding the Good Grass

May 26th, 2016

Chloe runs around looking for the best grass before settling in for morning grazing.  Fate runs around the sheep while Red watches from a distance.

Jon Watering Three Sister’s Garden

May 25th, 2016

jon watering

Jon loves to go food shopping and cook for me.  He’s always picking up treats, not just for the dogs, but for all the animals.  Even the chickens get a bag of bird seed for something special between their staple laying mash.

He’s very nurturing and I think his watering the gardens comes from the same instinct.   After  walking around  a 90 degree New York City all day, he came home and  watered the gardens.  He’s much more patient than I am about it, giving them all a good soaking.

I do most of the digging and planting and Jon makes sure they get enough water.      And it shows me how much he cares, not just about the plants, but about the work that I put into the gardens.  It’s a sweet way for us  both to be a part of taking care of this patch of earth.

Red And Fate in My Studio

May 25th, 2016

Red and Fate in my studio

Being he’s Jon’s shadow, Red rarely comes in my studio.  But today we were all missing Jon who went to New York City to barter for a new camera at B&H Photo.

So this afternoon both Fate and Red were in my studio.

Red wasn’t quite sure what to do.  He kept coming over to me, wanting to be pet.  But I told him that in the studio he had to do the same thing he does in Jon’s study.


Not easy for a border collie I know, but he got it pretty quickly and soon he and Fate were  being  my good studio dogs.

Fate, My Studio Dog

May 25th, 2016

Fate with Goddess quilt

We’ve had Fate just about a year now and she has become a great studio dog.  She’s learned not to walk on my quilts and mostly she just sleeps in her crate or by the door.

But if she is awake and I’m sitting on the floor, which I was doing today when I was tacking my Goddess in the City Quilt, she can’t resist coming over to me for some snuggles.  She usually just places her head under my chin and we nuzzle a bit.

She’s hard to resist, especially when she pokes her head under one of my quilts, even though I know I’m going to have to get the lint roller out afterwards.

Minnie and Gray Hen On The Rapunzel Chair

May 24th, 2016

minnie and gray hen

Minnie and Gray Hen were cuddling up on the Rapunzel Chair this afternoon.  We had a soaking rain all day, (Three Sister’s Garden was very happy with that) and I guess they were just trying to keep dry.

Jackie Thorne and Her New Book Of Poetry. Just In time for the Bedlam Farm Open House

May 24th, 2016
Jackie and Connie in Battenkill Books

Jackie and Connie in Battenkill Books

I guess in a way, this is one of those things that began at the Round House Cafe.   It was over a year ago when I was helping out one night at the cafe, taking orders and running the register.  On the other side of the counter was a woman who looked familiar, but who I couldn’t quite place.

“Maria” she said, “it’s me Jackie.”   I hadn’t thought about Jackie in years, but we worked together in a frame shop around the time I first moved upstate.  Almost 20 years ago.

I always liked working with Jackie.  She introduced to me to feminist writer Angela Carter and adopted my frog and newt when I took a trip cross country.  (she gave them a better home than I ever did and they lived longer than anyone expected them to)

How could it be that after all that time  Jackie didn’t seem to change at all.  We easily slipped back into a friendship, meeting at the Round House for lunch, visiting each others homes.

And we had a creative connection too.  Jackie’s a writer, photographer and painter.  She’s been writing her whole life and when she told me she never had a problem writing, that it came easy to her and she loved doing it, we started taking blogs.

It didn’t take long for Jackie to create her blog (she’s also a graphic designer) Creative Journey Woman.  Then she started taking Jon’s writing class.  And now Jackie is publishing her first poetry book called Gone to Ground.   

There’s nothing sentimental about Jackie’s poetry.  It’s beautiful and real.  She doesn’t just observe nature, but  sees it as the place to go to look for the answers to the questions in her life.  And that taps into the wild place inside of her, which isn’t always pretty, but is beautiful and very real.

Jon and I had lunch  with Jackie at the Round House Cafe today to talk about her book and how to best promote it.  We went back and forth about what  each of us thought would be the best kind of cover for her book.   Jackie’s designs, though well done, were  subtle.   Jon was urging her to create a more striking and eye-catching cover.  I understood what Jackie was doing with her designs, but thought they almost looked too much like a poetry book cover.

Then we went next door to Battenkill Books where Jackie and Connie got to meet each other and discuss Jackie doing a reading there.

We invited Connie into the book cover conversation and were standing in the poetry section, looking at book covers when Marilyn, (Connie’s mom who works at the book store and is showing her paintings at the Open House in June) who is generally a quiet person, came over and told Jackie that as the person who stocks the shelves, she’s more likely to put a book with a  colorful or interesting cover on the front table or in the window to get people’s attention.

If Jackie still had any doubts, I think Marilyn’s input  convinced her to rework her cover.  (You can see Jackie’s first designs for her book cover here)

Jackie will be reading her poems and selling her new book at the Bedlam Farm Open House on June 25th and 26th.  You can read her poems and prose and see her photo’s here.

For more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House just go to my Event’s page at the top of my blog or click here.

Marilyn Brooks, Painter and Bookseller at Battenkill Books

Marilyn Brooks, Painter and Bookseller at Battenkill Books

“gone to ground”       By Jackie Thorne

“weathered stones
rough in my palm
scrape and peel
carving their way
into my bones

stiff thorns break
thin pale skin
blood flows, ready
to meet the air
kiss the ground

silken soil slides
through my fingers
under my nails
down to the quick
never to come out

going down now
into the ground
again, taking up
my place, kneeling
here on earth

finding a heaven
lies in the dirt
the rock, the wet
and sky, as above
so with me below”


“Third Chance Scarves” Sold Out

May 23rd, 2016


Third Chance Scarf #1

“Rose” Sold

I finished making all my Third Chance Scarves today.  I have seven for sale.

I made them from two different dresses that someone sent to me.  The dresses were themselves made from scraps of fabric.   So this is the third time these fabrics are being reused.  I do wonder what they’ll become next.

My Third Chance Scarves are about 60″ long.    They are  $45 each + $7 shipping (shipping is a bit more outside the US, please ask me about it)  If you see a scarf you like, just email me here at  and let me know.  I take checks and paypal.

Third Chance Scarf #2

“Lily of the Valley” SOLD


Third Chance Scarf #3

“Pansy” Sold


Third Chance Scarf #4

“Rhod0dendron” Sold





"Purple Flowers"

“Purple Flowers” SOLD


"Pink Flowers"

“Pink Flowers” Sold

Suzy’s Three Sister’s Gloves

May 23rd, 2016
Suzy Fatzinger's fingerless progress

Suzy Fatzinger’s fingerless gloves…in progress

I’m just starting to seriously think about the June Bedlam Farm Open House, but my friend Suzy Fatzinger is already spinning and knitting her fingerless gloves for the October Open House.

Suzy sent me this photo this morning,  a pair of gloves in progress.  Corn, Beans, Squash she texted.   Yellow corn, green beans, orange pumpkin.  Just what I planted in my Three Sister’s Garden.

Good Morning From Bedlam Farm 5/23/16

May 23rd, 2016