Women’s Changing Place In The World

July 20th, 2018

My potholder is the perfect place for the Flying Vulva.  Potholders are my everyday form of expression, they have been since I started making them over 10 years ago.  And what better place to put a symbol of women’s changing place in the world.

Cheryl’s Vulva Poem

July 20th, 2018

Cheryl often leaves comments on my blog in the form of poems.  This morning I she did just that, sending me a poem about my Flying Vulva.

She has captured in her words so much of what I’m saying with my image.

Here’s Cheryl’s poem…..

“The vulvas on wing
It’s beautiful thing
My morning began
With a smile
Can the labias lead?
Will the patriarch cede?
Has the status quo
Substantially shifted?
Rise up! And fly high
Leave the paradigms lie
Wear your pussy hats
Choose our most gifted.”

By Cheryl b.

Fate Longing For Sheep

July 20th, 2018

The Flying Vulva

July 19th, 2018

Flying Vulva

Yesterday I got the idea to make a Flying Vulva Potholder.

I came up with this drawing last night and started working on stitching it this morning.

I practiced stitching it on a Vintage Linen Napkin, which is fitting, but also have a linen table runner that I thing might work well.

I was thinking of making some as small Flying Vulva Fabric Paintings too.   I could try stitching those on a Vintage Hankie…

Another flying Vulva. I’m working on the pinks….


The Shower Fairy

July 19th, 2018


Kathleen McBrien, one of my Belly Dancing Teachers

“Ah, the shower fairy”, Kathleen said.

I was washing my hair when, from seemingly out of nowhere, in my mind I saw the “L” shaped lever on the pump to our well.

If the pump stops working for some reason, the water in our house stops running.  So I go into the basement and move the shiny metal “L” shaped lever down.  That kicks the pump back into action and the water starts flowing again.

The week before in my Bellydancing class I found myself in the position of leading a dance trio and not knowing how to get out of the lead position.  So there I was, like the girl in  “The Red Shoes” repeating the only movement I could remember in my panic, unable to stop.

I should tell you, the type of Belly dancing I’m learning is called ATS (American Tribal Style). It’s improvisational not choreographed.  There’s always one person, whether it’s a duet or a line of ten dancers that is leading and everyone else follows them.  And the leader is always changing.  There are ways of making that change, of making a dance move that allows someone else to take the lead.

That was the problem I was having.  I wanted to stop being the leader, but I couldn’t remember what to do to make that happen.

Until I was taking a shower the next day, and I saw in my mind,  that “L” shaped pump lever slowly moving down.  Because that’s just what I could have done with my arms to get out of the lead.

I was stuck in a move called The Egyptian, my upper arms straight out from my shoulders and my forearms  at a right angle pointing up.  To stop doing the Egyptian and signal to my dance partners that I was changing positions,  I could have lowered my forearms so my hands were pointing out from my body instead of up.  Then I could turn and offer the lead to someone else.

When I told Kathleen in class the next week about the “L” shaped pump lever, she completely got it.

She got the idea of my visual and how ideas often  come to us in the shower.

I think when the mind finally gets to rest a little, the brain is able to work things out in a way we can’t consciously.  Like dreaming, the mind makes sense of the things that we have a hard time understanding.

Kathleen said that those kinds of visuals, especially when we come to them ourselves, are really important and helpful in dancing.  Both Kathleen and Julz, my Bellydancing teachers, often use visuals when explaining a dance move.  (I always start to get hungry when Julz talks about “walking around the crust of a pizza” to describe a move she calls the ballerina in the jewelry box).

It felt big to me when I had that visual in the shower.  Like what I’ve been learning shifted into a new realm.  That I’m beginning to embody the dance instead of just mimicking what I’m seeing

Now, I can actually imagine that being a Bellydancer is a real possibility for me.




Butterflies, Beetles and Dragonflies

July 18th, 2018

I designed ten potholders with my insect fabric today.  It was a curtain that a friend gave me.  I’ve made potholders using this fabric before, but as with all my potholders, these are all unique.

I’ll finish these up and put the up for sale in my Esty Shop next week.


My Three Sisters Garden

July 18th, 2018

Morning Pasture

July 18th, 2018

Stacking Wood

July 17th, 2018

I’m grateful to have Nicholes help stacking our  6 cords of wood.  Nichole also watches our animals when we go away, helps us move heavy furniture, and is a Vet Tech at Cambridge Valley Vets where were bring the dogs and cats.

But tonight, I was glad there was still a pile of wood that Nichole didn’t get to.

Tonight I wanted to stack wood.  I needed to move my body, to sweat, be outside.

I filled the woodshed as it grew dark and when it became too hard to see anymore, I stopped.

I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but sometimes the simplicity of repetitive, physical work, is just what I need.


Decorating Pinch Pots At The Mansion

July 17th, 2018

Peggy and her Pinch pot.  Sylvie is in the background writing letters.

Alice was sitting in the long hallway, the shades drawn, the fans blowing.  “Alice” I said, “we’re going to be painting the pinch pots we made last time I was here, want to join us?”

“No” Alice shook her head,  “not today, it’s too hot”.

And it was hot.   Brother Peter, another resident at The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility, told me the thermometer read 100 degrees on the big wraparound porch.

The Activities Room was cooler because of the portable air condition the Army of Good had helped buy last year.  Peggy and her daughter, who was visiting, were the only two people sitting at the table.   Soon, with Julie’s help,  Jean, Ellen, Ruth, Joan and Winnie drifted in.

But enthusiasm was low and I could feel it start to eek into my own attitude.  Ellen and Jean just wanted to watch and no one else seemed  terribly interested in the idea of decorating the pinch pots with markers.

I imagined myself leaving the bag of markers on the table and slinking out the door.

Instead I pulled out the tiny pinch pot I  made earlier that morning and decorated with markers as an example of what we were going to do.   I conjured up some enthusiasm and showed it to everyone sitting at the table, explaining the different ways they could decorate their pots.

Peggy took to it right away, she’s never at a loss as long as she has something to draw with and sometime to draw on.  Ruth drew an orange leaf on her pot and wrote her husband’s name.    Joan was having a hard time using the markers so I gave her more clay to work with and she made another pinch pot.

Winnie wandered in after Ruth left.  She didn’t have a  pot to decorate, so I gave her some clay and showed her what to do.

By the time I left an hour later, I was tired and drained.  I was disappointed that I hadn’t been able to do more to  lift the spirits of some of the people at The Mansion, even for just a little while.

But, later that night, when I looked at the pictures I took of Peggy and Winnie, I could see that they were at least happy to have their pictures taken with the work they had done.  And that made me feel better.

Which seems to be a big part of what we do for each other.

Winnie and the Pinch Pot she made with a fluted edge. (That’s Allan in the background)

Jon took this video of us decorating the Pinch Pots.