The Grand Opening of My Etsy Shop, fullmoonfiberart

February 22nd, 2018

Goddess in the Boat potholder you can buy this in my Etsy Shop fullmoonfiberart.

I’ve been keeping it a secret, (mostly because it made me nervous) but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been creating an Etsy shop called fullmoonfiberart and making potholders to sell there.

Yesterday it went live.

I’ve been ambivalent about selling my work on Etsy.  A couple of years after starting my business and blog, I had an Etsy shop, but found I sold more of my work on my blog,  and it became a burden rather than making things easier.

So I’ve been resistant to the idea, but with some prodding from Jon (who loves to shop on Etsy) and friends, I decided to give it a try.  After all, it’s potentially a whole new audience for my work and my blog.  Even I can see that.

I still hadn’t changed my idea about Etsy when I was putting up the shop and making the potholders.  Even when it went live, I was still reluctant to write about it on my blog.

But I did share it on facebook, because it was so easy to do.

And it was when I sold two potholders, both to people I know very well and met though my work,  that I started to think differently about it.

One concern about going on Etsy is about my relationship with my readers and customers.  I make so many connections when someone emails me to buy a piece of my art.  We often have lovely conversations which sometimes even lead to online friendships.

I love that part of my work, and don’t want to lose it.   It seems Etsy can sometimes be a cold place to just do business, without the interaction that means so much to me.

Another part of my reluctance about Etsy was that I felt, in a way, it was a betrayal to my blog, which has been so good to me and for me.

But it’s also that when I put my work on Etsy, I become anonymous.

My blog is me. Read my blog and you get to know me and my work. You get the whole story.  People on my blog  know why I’m making a “Goddess Potholder”.   And they don’t expect my potholders to all be the same size and shape, they already know why I make them the way I do.

On my blog I’m the ruling queen, in control of my queendom.  On  Etsy, I’m just another person(out of thousands) making and selling my potholders.

(I didn’t realize this part of it till just now as I wrote it.  I didn’t know my ego was so big and tender at the same time.  Or that my ego was being over protective.  This is just the kind of thing I mean, when I say my blog does so much for me.)

The interesting thing is, Susan and Linda, who made the first two purchases in my Etsy Shop, are both telling me that they liked shopping for my work on Etsy.  Linda said it was easier to see what was for sale.

On my blog it’s often confusing, because I can’t monitor it constantly and many times I’ve already sold something that someone else wants and there’s no way for them to know that until I email them.

This is easier for me too, because I don’t have to send lots of emails back an forth letting people know what’s sold and whats still available.

On both ends, the whole process of selling for me and the buyer is easier and more efficient on Etsy.

And Susan said that maybe it’s just the opposite than how I’ve been thinking.  That it’s because of my blog that Etsy can work for me now.  Not a betrayal, but a benefit to the blog.

So, now I’m beginning to change my mind about Etsy.  Sometimes it takes actually doing a thing to make that happen for me. It’s too hard for me to imagine.  I need hard evidence.

I’ll still be selling my quilts and wallhangings on my blog.  And, I’ll still be writing about my potholders on my blog too.  Sharing the process and all that goes into the making.   And If people want them before they’re done and they let me know,  I’ll still sell them on my blog.

But I hope to always have an inventory of Potholders in my Etsy Shop.  For all my blog readers and anyone else who wants them.

So Welcome to the grand opening of my Etsy shop  fullmoonfiberart.  Click here to take a look around.  And thanks for visiting.

(soon I’ll have a link on my blog to my Etsy Shop, so it’s easy to get to).




Gus and Fate’s Favorite Game

February 22nd, 2018

When we first got Gus and he and Fate were playing, he could run right under the ottoman and come out the other side.

He’s too big to do that now, but he still loves to hide under the ottoman and tease Fate.

Sometimes it, looks like the ottoman is alive.

My Day

February 21st, 2018


It was warm enough today for me to leave my studio door open.  Warm enough for Fate to sit in the doorway looking out.  Warm enough for her to dig in the mud and for some of that mud to still be on her nose when she sat in my doorway.

The piece I began working on this morning

I would have taken a walk with the dogs  today, over the Gulley Bridge (which I imagine was flooded with all the snow and ice melt since yesterday) and into the woods.  But Jon and I left the farm before lunch to pick up the athletic bags for the kids on the RISSE Soccer Team and watch the first two games in their tournament.

But before that, I dumped the bag of scraps that Karen gave me on my work table and started piecing them together.

Ali and the kids from RISSE in between soccer games

The Bedlam Farm Warriors (aka RISSE) tied one game, lost one and won one.  It was only the second soccer game I’ve ever watched, so I didn’t understand all that was going on, but it was interesting to try to figure it all out.   All that body language.

But it was even more important just to show up for them.  I was glad to be there.

There was a break between games and we all went outside for a while.  It didn’t take long (after they climbed on the van) for half the team to start practicing in the parking lot.

Socrates, Emily and Frida

When we got home Socrates was gliding across the bottom of the fish tank with Emily on his back.   The goldfish, Frida and Diego, don’t pay much attention to them, except to nibble at their shells every once in a while.

Now I’m off to bed.  I’m looking forward to figuring  out how to put the rest of the scraps together tomorrow.  I’m determined to use every one in this piece.   I’ll figure out what happens after that when I get there.



Red Herding The Sheep This Morning

February 21st, 2018

An Unusually Warm February Morning

February 21st, 2018

Hitching A Ride On A Snail

February 20th, 2018

This morning I did something I never imagined I’d do.  I took a video of our snails.

Socrates is our new snail and this morning, Emily, one of our bumblebee snails, was sitting on his back.

Probably in the world of snails it’s not that exciting.  But, fish and snails being new to me, I couldn’t stop watching them.

I wasn’t expecting Socrates  to emerge from his shell and do a full, snail-slow, turn.  It was almost as if he was modeling the new accessory on his shell for the video.

Frieda, the goldfish, also makes an appearance to spice things up a bit.  And through it all Fate and Gus are playing and making those strange sounds as background noise.





“Goddess in the Boat” A Wall Hanging

February 19th, 2018

Goddess in the Boat

I walked into my studio this morning, looked at my Goddess in the Boat wall hanging and  without question, knew it was done.

The old Wedding Ring Quilt that I used as a ground for this piece, still plays an important role in it.  Even though I broke up some of the rings to create it. I did leave the ghost of those rings.  They set the stage for the Goddess and the flying egg.

I’ve written about this piece faithfully as I was making it.  Explaining each decision as best I could in previous blog posts.

When I look at it now, complete, I see the Goddess re-emerging.  Making her way back into our society a little more with the waxing and waning of each full and new moon.

It also speaks to how the Goddess has always been here.   A bit submerged, she showed her face in creative ways throughout history, even if she had to ,at times, hide her identity.

The Goddess is back.  Showing herself and speaking her mind. Not afraid  to be who she truly is.

Goddess in the Boat is for sale.Sold.  It measures 30″x 38″ and is $300 + $15 shipping.  If you’re interested in her, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and PayPal.

A closer look at the bottom half of the wall hanging…

…and at  the Goddess in the boat.

Ed Gulley’s Found Object Turkey

February 19th, 2018

Ed Gulley’s latest sculpture of a Turkey

I looked at the picture on my text from Carol and not only did I see a Turkey, I heard it too.

That’s how alive this latest sculpture by Ed Gulley looks to me.  I know it’s not really moving, but it sure looks like it is.

Ed’s been mulling this one for a good part of the winter.  Someone gave him some of the materials for this bird at the  Bedlam Farm Open House last October.

It’s made from fan blades, a muffler and heater grill among other things.

Ed has a way of capturing the essence of the animals he creates.  It’s no surprise, as a farmer, living in upstate NY,  he’s spent his life around animals and seems to love them too.

Ed is selling his Turkey, for $70 + $40 shipping.  You can read more about it here on his and Carol’s blog Bejosh Farm Journal.

And in case you haven’t already heard, Carol and Ed Gulley are having an Open House at Bejosh Farm on June 30th.

You’ll be able to see in person and buy any of Ed’s sculptures there as well as get to meet some of the now famous animals that Carol and Ed write about.

Since we’re not having an Open House this June at Bedlam Farm the Bejosh Farm Open House seems like a great idea to me.  I know where I’ll be on June 30th.

Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 2/19/18

February 19th, 2018

Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket

February 18th, 2018

I’ve been thinking about crocheting the gun since I found it in the kitchen draw when we moved into the house.

For obvious reasons, today was the right day to do it.

And my hands wanted something to do.  Sometimes, when I don’t have the words, my hands seem to know how to work things out on their own.  Today, they craved the healing nature of the repetitive motion of crocheting.

Knitting became popular after 9/11 for a reason.

I started unraveling doilies and afghans then crocheting them around objects about  twenty years ago when I was in art school.  So unraveling the baby blanket and crocheting it around the gun seemed the natural thing to do.

The baby blanket was the first thing I saw when I walked into the Goodwill this morning.  As if it was waiting for me.  It’s even better than the full-sized afghan that I was looking for, because it “says” children.

Like an afghan, It  speaks of the person who made it and it’s purpose.  Someone made this baby blanket to bring warmth and comfort to a child.  It’s a loving thing.

So when I unravel it and crochet it around the gun, something that is potentially dangerous,  it renders the empty gun useless.  Softening its edges and encasing it in the fiber of the baby blanket as well as its meaning.

The gun is transformed from a weapon to a symbol.

I didn’t think of the yarn connecting the gun to the blanket as umbilical until Jon mentioned it.  I think of the kink in the unraveled yarn as holding the memory of its life as a blanket.  It’s the moment between the blanket and the gun.

But I see in this piece, it is an umbilical cord.  Giving new life to the gun, but also speaking to the idea of gun control as a way of saving life.

I think I’ll make post cards from the piece.  I know some  members of our government I’d like to send it to.

The  pellet gun and blanket before I started unraveling and crocheting.

Crocheting the gun

Jon wrote about this piece also and posted a video of me crocheting the gun on his blog.  You can see it here.