Our Vacation To New Mexico

April 24th, 2017

Now when I look at the donkeys, I think of New Mexico

I have been wanting to go to New Mexico with Jon since we got together.  It is one of my favorite places.

Over 15 years ago I lived in Taos  for about six months.  This was during my first marriage and at that time,  we traveled around the state and surrounding areas, so I know it pretty well.

But in the six months I was there, I never visited Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio at Ghost Ranch.

So when Jon and I started talking about taking a real vacation to New Mexico, that’s where I started.

Abiquiu, where Ghost Ranch is located, is close to almost all the other places I wanted to visit with Jon.  Santa Fe, Taos (my favorite museum there is the Blumenschein Museum although there a many other’s I like) and Bandelier National Monument.

But we don’t want to spend our whole vacation running from one place to another, so we’re not going to over book it.   We’ve found a great Inn to stay at in a small town close to Abiquiu where we can comfortably relax too.

This is the longest vacation that Jon and I will have ever taken together.  Somehow, even though we talked about it, it always ended up by us talking ourselves out of it, before it got started.

But not this time. I kept thinking, If I could go to India, surely, Jon and I can go to New Mexico.

So it’s set for October, a week after the Open House.  A nine day vacation in one of my favorite places.  And I have an idea  Jon will love it too.

We’re busy making reservations  and talking about the things we want to see  (Actually it’s mostly me telling Jon what I think he’ll want to see).  And part of the fun is that we have six months to be excited about it.





Jon’s Northshire BookStore Reading Date Has Been Changed. He Will Be In Wilmington Vermont On June 9th.

April 24th, 2017

Earlier in the month I wrote that Jon would be doing a reading at Northshire Books in Manchester Friday, June 9th, the day before the Bedlam Farm Open House.  But that date has been changed.

Now, on Friday June 9th Jon will be giving a talk in Wilmington, Vermont at the Historic Memorial Hall on 14 West Main St.   Wilmington is about an hours hide from the farm and the talk starts at 5:30.

Jon’s Northshire reading will be on July 21st.

So for any of you who were planning on coming to the Open House and seeing Jon at Northshire Bookstore the night before he won’t be there. But you can see him give a talk in Wilmington Vermont.

Wilmington is about an hours ride from Bedlam Farm.  The road to Wilmington is a scenic one, going over the Green Mountians .   And Wilmington is a typical Vermont town, with lots of small independent shops, including a bookstore, and plenty of cafes to choose from.


Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 4/24/17

April 24th, 2017

Walking in the Woods

April 23rd, 2017

When I walk in the woods with Fate, we always stop and visit with certain trees.  Now Fate knows which ones they are and she runs to them before I get there and waits for me.

This tree, with the scar that goes  from it’s roots to the top most branch, is one of them.

I always find something new in the woods too.   I love how the many ovals of this tree, drew me in, like an eye staring at me.  But as fascinated as I was, I didn’t stay too long.  I didn’t want to meet the spider who makes her home here.


The Gray Hen Is Acting Strange

April 21st, 2017

The gray has been acting strange lately.  By strange I mean she’s spending a lot of time under the bird feeder by herself.  It’s unusual for the hens not to stay together.  Gray hen seems to be staying close to home, while the other two hens are pecking around the barn yard and in the front of the house.

Unusual behavior is the first sign that an animal may not be healthy.  When a sheep wanders away from the flock or a hen changes her behavior, I start to pay close attention to them.

We’ll see what happens to the gray hen.   One of the reasons we didn’t name the chickens is because I didn’t want to get too attached to them.  Chickens die easily from illness and predators.

I’ve learned it’s better to put a suffering hen out of her misery rather than try to nurse them.  I’ve never had a sick hen live long, no matter what I do for her.

So I’ll just keep a close eye on the gray hen.  Maybe it’s just Spring Fever.

A Cacophony Of Goddesses

April 21st, 2017

I did some more work on my wall hanging today.   A cacophony of goddesses streaming between the goddess and elephant.   They are drawn with marker and stitched.

I’ve decided I’m going to use the same fabric technique on the bird and the goddess’ shirt, maybe the snake as well, that I did for the elephant.  This will help connect the elephant to the rest of the piece.   Also the black and white design from the embroidery piece on the bottom left will eek out onto the background.

That’s more than enough thinking ahead for today.  I don’t usually like to know that much that far in advance.  But the piece is speaking to me.

detail of the goddesses

“Living On Planet Earth”

April 21st, 2017

“Got my poster and when the sun hits it in the morning the goddess glows, the donkey brays, my owls hoo, and I ground myself for another day of living on plant earth.”

This is a photo and email I got from Claudia.  I thought it so beautiful, I wanted to share it.

Coming In For Breakfast

April 21st, 2017

Some Kind of Mojo

April 20th, 2017

Necklace Jon bought for me today. It was made by Irene Berkson.

“You’re back!” Jon said to me this morning.  And he was right.  He could tell, even before I had a chance to think about how I was feeling, that I was feeling better.

Whatever happened yesterday had dissipated in the night.  I asked how he could tell, and he said it was because of the way I was talking.

I recognize this now as something that happens from time to time.  My going off into another place, leaving this reality for a while.  I do think it’s about a creative exertion that zaps my energy.

Later in the morning, Jon got back from running errands in town and told me to close my eyes.  It’s a welcome back present he told me.   I put up my usual protest, telling him not to buy me things, but when I looked at the necklace he hung around my neck, I stopped my nagging.

The figure  made from crushed aluminum, bottle caps, with a dolphin, shell and pottery shard, captured my attention, it held my spirit.  Some kind of mojo was happening here.  It felt like powerful stuff.

I didn’t want to hang it around my neck, I wanted to look at it.  But wearing it felt too good.

Now it feels like a ritual of sorts,  my going away and coming back.  And next time it happens,  I have the talisman to remind me of what’s going on and welcome be home.

The back of the figure


Ed Gulley at the Bedlam Farm Open House June 10th and 11th

April 20th, 2017

Ed Gulley and some of his Wind Chimes

I’m beginning to think of the Bedlam Farm Open House.  It’s not too far away,  June 10th and 11th.  As of today I know all the artists whose work I’ll be showing and selling in my School House Gallery.

I’m still working on getting photos and writing about each artist, but I spent this morning working on the Events page of my blog.  Like I said, I’m not done yet, but you can visit the Events page at the top of my blog to get a feel for what’s happening at the Farm that weekend.

One of the artists whose work I’ll be showing is Ed Gulley.

I’m sure many of you know Ed  from his and his wife, Carol’s blog Bejosh Farm Journal.

Ed’s an artist and a farmer.  And he uses all the stuff that he finds around his farm to make his art.  He calls it Junk Art.

It may start out as junk, but by the time Ed gets done welding and tying and drilling and bending metal, that junk becomes art.  Some of it is functional, like his wind chimes which he has been selling like crazy on his  blog.

Ed has spent his life around animals, and his  love for  them is expressed  in his sculptures ability to capture their essence.

You can read more about Ed Gulley, his art and his farm here.

Ed Gulley’s Horse and Sleigh.