The Constants

September 23rd, 2018

My Shipping Table.

This is why I love my Etsy Shop.

I put up some potholders for sale on Friday and I sold some of them, but then I also sold some of the other pieces in my shop.  I think I’ll alway have my Show Your Soul posters and Flying Vulva decals for sale.

They are a constant and are such a strong representation of me and my art.

I still have some of the Toile Potholders and  Intuitive Patchwork Potholders and Flying Vulva Potholders  for sale in my Etsy Shop, so come take a look around and see it all.  Just click here. 

Picking Apples, one of the toile potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.



Pinks I, Another potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Fate’s Afraid of Flo

September 23rd, 2018

Flo,  as small as she is, manages to terrify Fate into now wanting to walk past her.  So when Flo sits on the back steps, Fate had to find an alternate route to get into the house.  Usually she walks over the Bilco door.  Today she walked though the garden.

Another Batch of New Potholders For Sale in my Etsy Shop

September 21st, 2018

Toile Potholders  For Sale in my Etsy Shop  $17 each + shipping

I can’t seem to make enough potholders.  As soon as I post them in my Etsy Shop they sell.

Maybe it’s coming close to the Holidays, or maybe it’s just one of those things I’ll never understand.

I don’t like having and Etsy Shop without potholders in it,  so I just put more up for sale.

These were  some of the potholders I was saving for the Open House, but now I’ll just have to make more.

Not a problem I mind having!

Thanks all, for making my Etsy Shop such a success.  There’s lots to buy there besides potholders, (my new note cards of my wallhanging “No One Has to Die For Me To Be Free” are being printed as I write this)  so click here to  have a look around.

Intuitive Patchwork Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $15 each + shipping.

Sheep Shearing At The Bedlam Farm Open House

September 21st, 2018

I have to decide which sheep will be shorn at the Open House.  Their wool is growing in, but because we had them shorn so late in the summer, not all of the have long enough wool to be made into yarn.

Nicole, who watches our animals and is our Vet Tech, will be helping with the shearing this year while I’m working in my School House Gallery.   Liz, our new shearer, who is really impressive to watch, she has a special way with sheep, will be shearing around 1pm on Saturday, October 7th (it’s always a little tricky to get an exact time with a shearer).

Last year, we had a hard time getting the sheep in the barn and keeping them there.  The gates were bulging with the weight of people leaning on them and the sheep trying to escape.  This year our new gates, that we just had made, will keep everyone in their place.

Jon painting the new gate in the pole barn.  He had the idea to paint the gate a different color.  I had a whole gallon of blue stain that we used to paint our Little Free Library, so Jon put it to good use.



Tribal Sisterhood, Bellydancing at The Bedlam Farm Open House

September 21st, 2018

Kathleen, Jackie and Emily(along with Callie, who isn’t in this photo) will be dancing at the Open House Sunday October 7th at 1pm.  This is the Senior Citizen’s Center where the class is held and I dance with them every week.

Jon says it’s who I am, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

So I don’t try, I just go to Bellydancing class every week and practice at home in my studio a few times a week.  I listen to the playlist of music we dance to that Julz put together for us and understand that the listening is part of the practice.

Years ago in a yoga class one of my teaches suggested I take a dance class her friend was teaching.  I didn’t even give it a second thought, I knew I couldn’t dance.

And yet, here I am, 54 years old, learning this truth about myself.  Is it possible that it was always inside of me, tucked deep down in a safe place, waiting for the right moment to make itself known?   I’ve already learned more than I ever thought possible.  If this was the extent of my dance abilities, I’d still be in awe of it.

But the thing is, I actually believe I can learn more.  And I’m more than willing to work at it.  I’ve never felt that way about anything.  Even my art, which had just organically grown and progressed throughout my life.

But my classes with  Bennington Beledi Bellydancing is more than just dance.  It’s a relationship, a sisterhood, with the women I dance with.

This is another thing I’ve never had in my life.

I can’t support the women I dance with the way they support me, by teaching, encouraging and dancing with me.  But I can support them by spreading the word about them.  Which is something I’m really drawn to doing.  I can’t explain it any other way except that my love for this dance, my passion for it, make me want everyone to see it.

So I’m thrilled to have  Sisters of the Shawl,  Kathleen, Jackie, Emily and Callie at the Bedlam Farm Open House.  I only wish I had a stage for them to dance on.  They so deserve that.  But they’ll figure it out as they do.  Because they love to dance.

I hope you can make it to the Bedlam Farm Open House on Sunday October 6th at 1pm.  The Sister’s of the Shawl will dance two 15 minute sets with time in-between for questions and conversation.

If you can’t be there, I’ll be taking videos, so you can see them that way.

For more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House click here.  And to read more about the Sahidi Sisters and American Tribal Style Bellydancing, click here. 



This Time Of Life, Mary Kellogg’s New Book For Sale At Battenkill Books

September 20th, 2018

Mary Kellogg’s new book. Now for sale at Battenkill Book [email protected]

We sat on the long porch at the Adult Home where Mary Kellogg now lives.

Jon and I were bringing Mary copies of  her new book.  She looked through it and I showed her the last page.  It’s a copy of the typewritten letter Mary sent to Jon in 2006 when she asked if she and her friends could come and visit the farm.

Jon was not one to have visitors to Bedlam Farm back then, but for some reason, he accepted Mary’s request.  After that visit, Mary told Jon about her poems, which she had been writing since she was 12 and had never shown anyone.

Soon, Jon and I were publishing Mary’s first book of poems, My Place on Earth.

Mary always has a smile for us when we visit her.  She’s doesn’t complain, but she’s also honest about missing her home.  She enjoys the food  and not having to clean where she lives now, but she misses her solitude.

It’s hard for me to imagine that Mary will never sit in her dining room again, looking out the big picture window at her beloved mountains, watching the weather change, the birds at the feeder, the deer and turkeys.   Observing the world around her as a poet does.

It was so much her place.

It’s difficult for Mary to write now, although she told us she started a new poem.  “There’s no space”, she said and I’m not sure if she means physical space or head space.

Mary was as happy to see her new book, as we were to give it to her.  I gave her some copies and told her to let me know when she needs more, that we can order as many as we want.  I have no doubt she’ll sell them, she always does.

I didn’t think Mary would make it to the Open House the year.  We already made plans for Jon to read some of her new poems.  I wasn’t going to mention it to her again, because she often doesn’t feel well and is having some memory issues, but this time, Mary asked me about it.

I wrote down the dates and time of the Open House so she could give it to her daughter, who will bring her.

Mary wants to be there.   Even if she isn’t up to reading her poems, she loves to meet and talk to all the people who like her work.  I know she’d be happy to sign copies of her new book too.

I’m not sure which day Mary will be at the Open House, but the Poetry Reading will be both Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th at around 2pm.  Carol Gulley, Amy Herring and Jackie Thorne will also be reading their poetry  and Amy and Jackie will be selling their books.

Yesterday I dropped off a bunch of Mary’s new book, for Connie at Battenkill Books.  So you can buy them there too. It’s $10 plus shipping.   

You can order  This Time Of Life, by Mary Kellogg  by calling  (518) 677-2515 or online at
[email protected]

Humming Bird At My Feeder      By Mary Kellogg

Big fellow with a fancy shine

waits to clear his destination

swings to chase away intruders
flipping back and forth

his command of the whole area

“it is mine he shows
  it is mine

Morning Glory Turtle

September 20th, 2018

Ed Gulley’s Turtle

I put Ed Gulley’s Turtle in my Three Sister’s Garden last year, and now he has a permanent place there.  I I find his wide-eyed stare and crooked smile charming.

Now he’s covered in morning glories and soon he’ll standing in snow.  Turtle weathers the seasons well, adapting to his surrounding and now a memory of our friend Ed.

BarnYard Conversations

September 20th, 2018

More Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

September 19th, 2018

1950’s Kitchen Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.

These potholders were inspired by a small piece of fabric that Karen Heenan sent me a few years ago.  It’s  a  reproduction of a fabric from the 1950’s.  The red  flannel with the the stars on it came from a pair of home-made pajama’s that someone gave me years ago too.  All those years they were sitting on my shelf, destined to be together and now they are.

Cat and Mouse Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  The Cat and mouse fabric is probably from the 1970’s.

I’ve been making potholders like crazy.  Just today I sewed these ten together and put them in my Etsy Shop for sale.  Many of the others I’ve been making I’ll save for the Bedlam Farm Open House, which is just a few weeks away.

Hedgehog Potholders

All these potholders are $17 each + shipping.  I do have some more Hedgehog fabric, but I don’t have anymore of all the others.

To read more about them and buy them click here.  Or click on the big orange Etsy Icon on the top of my blog.

Boy and Elephant. Made from a Vintage Hankie.

Susan and Her Flying Vulva Pillow

September 19th, 2018

Susan and her Flying Vulva Pillow

Susan and I have become friends over the past couple of years.  And just a month or so ago, she moved Upstate and is now our neighbor.

I was helping Susan hang the art in her house when she first moved in and I saw the pretty nice sized collection she had of my work.  I knew she bought some pieces from me, but seeing some of my older work,  reminded me of how long I actually knew her, even if not in person.

I told Susan she had enough of my work and couldn’t buy anymore.  (Since I was helping her hang the art she already owned, I could see she had little space left in her new house for art.  I was being a bossy curator.)

Yesterday when I put my Flying Vulva Pillow up for sale in my Etsy Shop, Susan sent me a text message saying “…that pillow is going to be so happy on my couch”.

I texted back that if she put another pillow on her couch there would be no room left to sit.  (She has one of my pillows and two of Carol Law Conklin’s pillows, which do look perfect on her couch.)

But I was too late, Susan had already bought the pillow.  She told me that the Flying Vulva has a lot of meaning for her, especially at this point in her life.

I gave in and thanked her.

Last night I delivered the pillow to Susan.  I have to say her smile on seeing it was enough to make me believe it was meant for her.

She hugged the pillow and I took a picture.  The pillow was upside down, but it’s the smile on Susan’s face I was really after anyway.