Only Eleven Naked Athena Magnets Left

My Naked Athena Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop

I just donated $110 to Black Lives Matter.

I already sold 44 Naked Athena Magnets and only 11 are left in my Etsy Shop.

I trust I’ll sell the remaining eleven, that’s why I made my donation of $110 to Black Lives Matter.  $2 for each magnet I sell.

I want to thank everyone who has bought them so far and everyone will buy the remaining magnets. I think Jen aka Naked Athena and her action are a powerful symbol at this moment. An image that will live on.

You can hear Jen speak for herself about her courageous and creative action on the podcast Unrefined Sophisticates.

My Naked Athena Magnets are $6 each and $1 shipping for one or more. You can buy them here. 

My image of Naked Athena that I stitched on my Corona Kimono and used to make my magnet. 

My “Naked Athena” Magnets For Sale In My Etsy Shop

My Naked Athena Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop.

You don’t have to take it from me, you can hear Jen, aka Naked Athena speak for herself on the podcast Unrefined Sophisticates.

I found Jen’s protest to be creative, personal, and effective.

So I stitched the drawing from the photo that went viral of Jen on my Corona Kimono.    I loved how she found expression in her body to protest the Homeland Security Troops who showed up at the Portland Black Lives Matter Protests.

Although I see more of the goddess Sheila na gig in this image than the goddess Athena.

Sheelia na gig still sits carved on Christian Churches throughout Europe baffling people, and making them think, just as Jen did when she showed the heavily armed troops her “version of what vulnerability looks like”…her “version of power“.

“My nakedness is political and it is my expression. She said about her protest.

My Naked Athena Magnets are 3″x4″ and are for sale in my Etsy Shop.   You can buy them here. They’re $6 each + $1 shipping for one or more. I’ll be donating $2 from the sale of each magnet to Black Lives Matter. 

You can read about how I created the image for this magnet here.

You can see my thread drawing of Naked Athena on the left sleeve of my Corona Kimono. 

Naked Athena, Corona Kimono Magnet

Naked Athena Magnet

Well I thought about it and decided to make my Naked Athena  Corona Kimono drawing into a magnet.

I just sent the image off to Sticker Mule and should have the magnets sometimes next week.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to sell them on Etsy so I’m limiting it to just 50 magnets.

I see Jen, the woman who sat naked in front of the Homeland Security Troops sent into the Portland Protests, more as the goddess Sheila na gig than Athena.

Sheila na gig is the ancient goddess who sits naked with her legs wide often holding open her vulva.   She is mostly found carved onto churches in Ireland and no one really knows what she represents although there is lots of speculation.

Sheila na gig still shocks people much the way Jen did when she used her nakedness to protest the troops that brought more violence to the Portland Black Lives Matter Protests instead of quelling it.

Jen’s protest was personal, creative, and powerful.

She is the antithesis of the heavily armed and armored men who shot bullets at her feet when she confronted them by standing naked in front of them.  She said she wanted to show them what her “version of vulnerability looks like”…her “version of power“.  She wanted them “to see what they were shooting at.”

I listened to an interview with Jen on the podcast Unrefined Sophisticates.  She didn’t plan her action. She said, “I felt like I was following my nature…my impulse to be who I am”.

And when she sat down in front of them it was her way of saying “Shoot at this.  Look at this, you can’t say I have a weapon now other than this yoni.”

Jen talked about performance art and being a sex worker.  To her, this action came from “a lifetime of experience”.

I’ll be charging $7 for the magnets and will donate $2 from the proceeds of each sale to Black Lives Matter.

Naked Athena, A Drawing For My Corona Kimono

In between working on my quilt today, I did a drawing that I’m going to use on my Corona Kimono.  It’s of the woman who sat naked, except for a cap and face mask,  in front of the unidentified troops that Trump sent into Portland.

She’s become known as the “Naked Athena”,  goddess of war (among other things), but she looked more like Sheela na gig to me.  The goddess who sits with her legs open, exposing her vulva.  There’s much debate over the meaning of Sheela na gig especially since she shows up on early Christian churches.

But this woman seems to me to be a goddess in her own right.  As Sheela Na Gig still does today, she completely flummoxed those men covered from head to toe in riot gear.

This is all part of life during the Coronavirus.

Photo of “Naked Athena” in front of the troops in Portland

“I Belong To Me” Magnets For Sale Again

My I Belong to Me Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop 

My new I Belong To Me Magnets were delivered when I was at Bellydancing last night.  I sold out of the first batch so made some more.

I made a few adjustments to the originals.  These are bigger, 4″x2 3/4″ and I changed the lettering a bit too.  They’re $6  plus $1 shipping for one or more.

They are now a new addition to my magnet collection.

I have five magnets for sale in total, including just two more of my Naked Athena Magnets.  Those were a limited edition. I won’t be making more of them.

I also have more I Am Enough magnets, posters and postcards which are also for sale in my Etsy Shop. The posters are 11″x14″ and are $20 including shipping and the postcards are   6 or $12 including shipping.

You can see them and all my magnets and potholders here. 

“I Am Enough” magnets, posters and postcards, for sale in my Etsy Shop.  

Corona Kimono 8/17/20

My Corona Kimono drawing for today.

I had so many ideas for my Corona Kimono, I didn’t know which to choose for today.  But when I listened to the news this morning, the end of the Moratorium on Evictions hit me the hardest because of the immediate impact it will have on so many people as well as the long term implications.

I placed this entry to my Corona Kimono above Naked Athena on the sleeve of the Kimono.

It’s hard to position the sleeve under my sewing machine to do my tread drawing.  I have to be careful not to sew the pieces of the Kimono together (which I only did once with this drawing, but have done many times before).

I heard today that there can be as many as 40 million evictions.  So I used those words and Moratorium on Evictions Ends with today’s date as the background.

You can find today’s drawing on the left sleeve of the Kimono.

There’s not too much space left on my Corona Kimono.  I still have the backs of the sleeve to do but otherwise, the back of the Kimono is covered. I’ll keep working on it till it’s all filled up.

I still have five Naked Athena Magnets available in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $6 each plus $1 shipping for one or more. $2 from the sale of each Naked Athena Magnet will be donated to Black Lives Matter.  You can see them and buy them here. 



Too Late To Create

I  had all these plans about the work I’d do when I got home today.  I couldn’t wait to get back to work on my “I’m not a Ghost” fabric collage.  While we were away I came up with a new image for my Corona Kimono.  First, I thought, I’ll pack up all the Naked Athena Magnets that I sold so I can put them in tomorrow’s mail.

But here it is almost 6 pm and I’m just getting to blogging without having done any of the things I planned.

It’s too late for me to start creating, my brain doesn’t want to make that leap.  So I’ll get the magnets ready for the mail and have a fresh start in my studio on Monday.

A Seahorse In My Kitchen

This is the Seahorse Potholder I decided to keep for myself.  Every time I look at it or use it, I’ll be reminded of listening to John Lewis’ memorial service when I made it.  And the expansive idea of him as a Founding Father. 

I also love the way those two seahorses have their tails linked together.

I still have a couple of Seahorse Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  And I’m expecting my Naked Athena magnets sometime today, so hopefully, I’ll have them for sale tomorrow.

Our New Podcast, “The Grand Ca-Ca, Housebreaking And Selling Quilts

photo by Jon Katz

Well we did it.  Two new Podcasts two weeks in a row.  Today’s is called The Grand Ca-Ca, Housebreaking and Selling Quilts.  You can listen to it here.

The other night Jon was talking about how he almost goes into a trance as he gathers information and writes his political pieces.   I’m always interested in people’s creative process and never heard him talk this way about his work before.  I thought other people would be interested in it too.

But we started the Podcast talking about Jon as the Grand Ca-Ca.  Something that Frida Khalo used to call Diego Rivera.  I thought it perfect for Jon too and he enthusiastically agreed.

From there we move on to my Naked Athena Magnets, housebreaking puppies, and my realization and acceptance of the truth that I although I always stress over selling my quilt, I actually do sell them all.

You can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime by clicking on the “Podcast” button on my blog.  Or on Itunes and Apple Podcasts.

Corona Kimono, July 27, 2020

Working on my Corona Kimono

I did my first thread drawing on the sleeve of my Corona Kimono.  I had to remove some of the stitches in the sleeve so it could fit  it on my sewing machine.  I’ll sew it back up when I’m done.

On the body of the Kimono, I slipped cotton batting between the outside of the Kimono and the lining.  Especially with the fine fabric that the Kimono is made from, there needed to be batting or interfacing to free motion sew on it.  Otherwise, the fabric pulls and stretches.

I like the way the batting works on the body of the kimono.  The extra thickness adds a depth to the thread drawings.  But I wanted to keep the drape of the sleeves.

So instead of batting, I’m using an interfacing that dissolves with water.  When I finish the drawing, I just spray it with some water and only the stitches will remain.

I did the drawing for this Corona Kimono drawing last week.  Today I stitched it onto the Kimono.

It’s from the photo of the woman who came to be known as Naked Athena after she sat naked in front of the troops’ Trump sent to the Portland Protests.

As I wrote last week, I thought she resembled Sheela na gig, more than Athena, but that she was a goddess in her own right.

Now Naked Athena, who calls herself “Jen” has spoken for herself.

She said, ” I’m a sex worker. My nakedness is political and it is my expression.”   “Other than my feminine response of wanting to show them what my version of vulnerability looks like my message was, ‘We’re all out here, these protesters, [and] the only thing we have in common is we have masks on and we’re out here at night.”

Jen wore only a mask and hat,” because it was cold,” that night.

The front of my Corona Kimono
Full Moon Fiber Art